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Reels are added to Facebook Groups. There’s more ways you can express yourself within a group.

You need to be aware of these facts

  • Meta unveils several new features to Facebook Groups.
  • Reels are available to community groups and allow them to share a community event via their Instagram accounts.
  • The community can take on roles, and get contributor badges that they can display with the updated profile.
  • Notable updates are also available for admins to assist in moderation and prevention of harmful content.

Facebook announced new features at the Facebook Communities Summit.

Facebook announced that they are looking for new ways to encourage community involvement through Facebook Groups.

Reels In Groups is the latest addition. This feature is designed to help users communicate their opinions in their communities via “creative” and immersive videos. Members and group admins will be able to create creative elements such as text overlays, audio and filters, before sharing their videos with the community.

(Image credit: Facebook)

You can now share public Facebook events for your community on your Instagram stories. Meta also tests updates to the Group Profile on Facebook. This is intended to help you build community connections and make others feel welcome.

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