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You can learn Jetpack Compose from a Compose Camp near to you

Kat Kuan is a Developer Relations Engineer. Android

 Jetpack Compose has been created AndroidThe modern toolkit which simplifies Android UI development. It’s already used by thousands of apps around the world such as Twitter, Airbnb and Google Play; if you’re not already using it, it’s a great time to start. Compose Camp will be a series of virtual and in-person sessions that make it easy to master Compose. how to Bauen Android Jetpack Compose apps are available to you and your fellow peers. Grab your “camping gear” and see how you can participate in a Compose Camp near you!

Jetpack Compose accelerates app development by enabling you to use and maintain less code, giving you intuitive & powerful APIs so you can leverage the best of Android When creating compelling experiences for users. Google will increase learning opportunities to anyone who wants them to. Android We are committed to promoting development and making the best practices easier accessible for all learning styles. We’ve heard how enjoyable and impactful it can be to learn in a group setting from many of you, which is why we’re launching Compose Camp around the world. Learn more how to Bauen Android apps with Compose with the support of peers and “camp leaders” to guide you along the way.

Compose Camp can be used by both beginners and professionals.

If you’re new to Android development or just getting started with programming, check out the Beginner track where you’ll learn basic programming concepts and fundamentals of app development, including how to Jetpack Compose is a tool that allows users to design user interfaces.

If you’re an Android Developer who is interested in learning how to The Experienced Track is the right track for those who want to migrate from Views into Compose, or learn about advanced features of building UI. You’ll start with the essentials of Jetpack Compose, and then dive deep into various Compose topics.

Group learning can make it more fun and effective.

You have shared with us many times that you love learning along others thanks to the help and support you receive within a community. Google Developer Communities are an excellent way to meet peers and students in your field, solve technical problems together and gain skills that can be applied to your own projects. You can find one in your area!


Your Compose Camp can be yours

This is also a great opportunity to build your expertise through leading and teaching others; you can become a “Camp Leader.” We have everything you need to lead your own Compose Camp including materials to help you facilitate learning, guidance on how to You can host a workshop, give away slides and other materials, or recruit peers.

Learning to Compose at Your Own Pace

If “solo-camping” is more your style, check out these online courses that can be done at your own pace. These are the best. Android Basics with Compose course is recommended if you’re just getting started with Android development. If you have any already, Android Jetpack Compose is a great resource for development information Android Courses for developers

These resources will be helpful to you on your learning journey. Android Development and Compose We look forward to meeting you at Compose Camp.

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