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Netflix allows users with shared passwords, to easily move to their accounts.

If the primary user subscribes to one the higher Netflix tiers, which allow for simultaneous viewings of multiple Netflix videos at once, password sharing is common. Netflix is experiencing a decrease in its paid subscribers so they are looking at ways to curb password sharing.

Some users might not want to share their passwords because they have watched and listened to recommendations. Netflix launched Profile Transfer to help users make the transition.

It will enable users to migrate their existing profiles to a new account. This is what the name implies. Users can also keep all of their recommendations and watch histories, as well as their watch list, but have more control. This could be useful for anyone looking to start their own account.

Netflix claims that the feature is designed to handle various life situations, such as users moving from their home or couples breaking up. It is anticipated that the Profile Transfer feature will be available to all users globally. All users should get an email notification when it becomes available.

Source: Variety

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