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Next week, the price of The Nothing Ear (1) is going up

So many wireless earbuds are on the market, companies have to come up with creative marketing strategies. The Nothing Ear (1) was an outstanding pair of earbuds that we tested. They were both high quality in sound and noise cancelling.

The fact they cost only $99 made them an affordable pair. However, now the earbuds may be losing their appeal. According to Carl Pei, CEO of Nothing, the earbuds’ price would rise.

Earbuds would be $149 rather than $99, as before. Good news: The changes take effect October 26th. This means you have time to grab the earbuds for the original price, before they become more costly.

According to Pei, the increase in price is due to an increase in costs, but seeing as this is almost a 50% increase in price, we’re not sure how well customers will react to it. Either way, like we said, the changes only take effect next week so if you have been meaning to get it, now’s the best time to do so.

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