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Google Messages has a lot of new features. One might annoy iPhone owners

You need to be aware of these facts

  • Google will be updating the Messages app over the next weeks with new features to improve RCS, and even SMS chats.
  • The thread will allow users to reply to specific messages and to set reminders so that they return to the message later.
  • Some messages will indicate actions, such as calendar entries or video calls.
  • You can also chat with companies, send SMS messages, get picture-in-picture YouTube videos to your phone, or expand Voice Message Transcriptions.

Google has not been able get Apple to use RCS in iMessage. However, the search company is continuing to improve the Messages app. Android. Google has announced that the app will be receiving a number of improvements on Thursday. These updates should improve user experience and make it easier for them to use, but may not appeal as much for iPhone users.

Click to Reply

Although direct replies were previously available in the Messages app users noticed it, however only a few users could see them. This feature is now available to all users using RCS messaging. To preview the message, swipe or hold on a message and it will be displayed above your reply. You can keep better track of group messages and conversations by doing this.

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