Fix: Windows cannot boot after updates – RAID driver\registry corrupt
When Windows is rebooting after updates are applied, it is possible that some corruption may occur within the registry. When a PC boots up with a corrupt registry, it won’t know where to look for the proper driver files for the RAID controller.

How can you tell?

A sure way to tell that the registry has been corrupt after a Windows update is to boot into the recovery console and see if there is a Windows installation partition being listed in the initial System Recovery Options dialog. If you cannot see any Windows partition, proceed to the next section.

Find Drivers

The first thing you should do is find out what RAID controller the specific server you’re working on has. Find the drivers, extract the driver files from the .exe if needed and load them to a USB flash drive. You’ll attach this USB drive to the server and load the drivers at the System Recovery Options screen.

A popup dialog might appear listing a bunch of different RAID controllers. Just select the proper controller and it will scan for a Windows installation. Select the OS and then select ‘Use recovery tools that can help you fix problems’ option

Restoring Backup Registry

  1. In the System Recovery Options screen, select command line.
  2. Type notepad.exe
  3. In Notepad, go to File -> Open
  4. In the file explorer navigate to C:\Windows\System32\config
  5. Rename the following registry files so that they have a .old extension
    SAM -> SAM.OLD
  6. Navigate to C:\Windows\System32\config\RegBack
    1. Copy all the registry backup files here and paste them to C:\Windows\System32\config
  7. Reboot the PC
  8. Windows should now boot.