Today, both Mozilla and Google took action to protect online users who reside in Kazakhstan. Both companies deployed various technical solutions aimed at blocking the Kazakhstan government’s ability to intercept, decrypt and read internet traffic.

The Kazakhstan government required internet users to download and install a government-issued certificate on all devices and in every browser to enable internet access. The targeted sites by this backdoor were popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google, among many other popular websites.

“People around the world trust Firefox to protect them as they navigate the internet, especially when it comes to keeping them safe from attacks like this that undermine their security. We don’t take actions like this lightly, but protecting our users and the integrity of the web is the reason Firefox exists.”

Marshall Erwin, Senior Director of Trust and Security, Mozilla

“We will never tolerate any attempt, by any organization—government or otherwise—to compromise Chrome users’ data. We have implemented protections from this specific issue, and will always take action to secure our users around the world.”

Parisa Tabriz, Senior Engineering Director, Chrome

Official Mozilla Announcement Here