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Apollo’s Escooter Isn’t the Breath of Fresh Air I Was Hoping For

Let me be clear: I do not like apps for scooters. All you have to do is give me the control of the scooter. It’s great to have the ability to adjust the level of regenerative brake and maximum speed via an app. But it can be annoying most of the times. The Air was quick to pair with my smartphone, so I set the max speed and the regen brake and then I was off, cruising at around 19 mph thanks to my 500-watt motor.

You’re It is supposed You will likely be traveling at 21 mph, which is quite possible. At 6 feet 4 inches, my weight is slightly more than the Apollo Air’s 220 pound capacity. It was able to travel 13-15 miles in New York City. On a trip from Bed-Stuy to Brooklyn and over the Manhattan Bridge, I was able to kick off the ground for the final few blocks back. Although Apollo’s claim of 31 miles is reasonable, I think most can do it in 20 to 30 minutes. 

You will enjoy a comfortable riding experience thanks to the 10 inch, air-filled tires and dual front fork suspension. It was almost impossible to feel bumps or holes in the roads. And I rarely had to use the front drum brake—the regenerative brake was often more than enough to bring me to a stop. When I had to stop, the brake worked well. 

This scooter is slow and sluggish. The Air glides on asphalt as if it is a tumbleweed. It can take some time for it to get to its peak speed. You can expect speeds between 11-14 mph when you are on steep inclines like the Brooklyn bridges. The car is simply not able to glide up steep slopes.

Both my friend and me had two drinks left on our return trip home. However, my friend was going at 20 mph, while mine was only at about 14 mph. It seems that the Apollo slows down sometimes when it drops below two bars. This is a very fickle phenomenon. 

It is perfect! Fine scooter, but my biggest issue with it is that it costs $1,200 (usually “on sale” for $999). The Niu is lighter, faster, and weighs 5 pounds less. Both handle inclines very similarly. The Niu KQi3 Pro is $799. This is a significant price difference. 

Niu is able to offer a wider service and dealer network so that it can be more easily fixed any potential problems. Apollo currently has five US service centres. Apollo customer service is superior, however I have had complaints regarding the experiences dealing with each brand. The Speedway Mini 4 Pro (1,049) is a better choice if you are looking for a high-end scooter. It has a slightly more reliable range and faster speeds, and it’s lightweight and easy to fold. 

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