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Emay Plus Gadget Review


FOREO UFO 2 was the best brand I tried.  It’s amazing.  

I am wrong!

While I don’t think it can beat this brand, the quality and price are worth considering.

The EMAY PLUS All in One Skin Massager is priced more than half lower than FOREO and it also comes with Cold/Warm Function.  Gua Sha acts to tighten your skin and make V-lines. It also helps reduce wrinkles by lifting your skin.

The product’s shape is like Gua Sha. Big enough that it can be applied to face or other body parts.  My intro will make you feel like there are raves just by reading it! 

This has been part of my daily skincare regimen since last 19 weeks.  I used this 3x per week over summer break when there was no school for my son.  Since school began, however, I have been using it at least once per week. I am happy with the results.

Emay Plus Facial All in One Skin Massager, Gua Sha Cold/Warm Firming V-line Wrinkle Reduce Lifting

Emay states —

  • 【Unique Double Wave Massage Head】According to ergonomic theory, the double wave massage head is specially design for skin contour, infusing energy into every inch of the skin.
  • 【Vibration & Heating and Cooling Functions】Equipped with 8,500 vibrations, “cooling” 13°C – 15°C, and “heating” 42°C – 46°C.
  • 【4 Working Modes】With 4 functions: “heating”, “cooling”, “heating + vibration” and “cooling + vibration”, provide an all-rounded massage for skin firming.
  • 【Lightweight, Portable and Easy to Use】Whenever you are at home, outdoors, or traveling, Emay Plus All-in-One Facial Massager is always easy to carry. You can control the device by pressing one button to switch modes and power.
  • 【International Safety Certification】Emay Plus All-in-One Facial Massager holds RoHs, FCC, CE-EMC, and other safety certifications, providing you a safe, stable, and durable beauty device with multiple protections.

AMW: —

  • It is very easy to use.
  • It fits my hand perfectly.  The design is very comfortable.
  • Each full rechargeable battery will work for approximately 4 to 5 sessions.
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • It is gentle on the skin and does not make you burn.
  • Although it is at the correct temperature, the cold function does not feel as ice. It also quickly cools down even after being used by the warm function.
  • Skin felt tighter after every use.  
  • The skin absorbs skincare products better.
  • My skin looked so good after first 2 uses.  Skin looks even better after regular use.  Even after a monthly period, I found that my skin is not as dry.
  • Absolutely NO PAIN!
  • WORTH every single penny.

Emay Plus Facial All in One Skin Massager, Gua Sha Cold/Warm Firming V-line Wrinkle Reduce Lifting

Take a look at my Instagram reel of my first usage.  This is the staple of my skincare regimen.

Lazada was the best place to get mine and they shipped it right away.  It’s a plug-and-play product.  There are no complicated functions.  You can easily switch between warm and cool by pressing a few buttons.

Absolutely 2 thumbs up  AMW approved!

Don’t forget to smile

Be happy


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