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Tineco Carpet One Pro Smart Carpet Cleaner Review

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Tineco Carpet One Pro Review Rating


Tineco Carpet One Pro carpet cleaner is a great choice. It has innovative features to make cleaning your carpets as simple as possible. These features are expensive.

The pros

  • Outstanding cleaning performance
  • Simple to use with voice and visual guidance 
  • iLoop sensor guarantees your carpets are clean & maximises efficiency 


  • Full colour LCD display adds £100 to the price tag vs none Pro model

Although I’ve reviewed many cordless and robot vacuum cleaners, this carpet cleaner is the first one that I own.

Carpeting is a good choice for our bedrooms and living spaces. Carpets are a better choice than hard surfaces, although I do like them. You can never clean carpets thoroughly with a vacuum. We need to change to a professional every couple of weeks. Carpet cleaners that are cheap don’t do the job well enough. It can also be expensive to hire a professional.

Tineco’s range of carpet cleaners is one of the best, and the Carpet One Pro is the top model. It has excellent cleaning performance. The app can also be used to guide the user through each step of cleaning.

The Tineco Carpet One Pro is only available from their official UK store, but the cheaper models are on Amazon:

Tineco CARPET ONE Pro vs CARPET ONE vs iCARPET Specification / Features

Tineco offers three Smart Carpet Cleaners, each of which is very similar. The top model, the Pro, is what I’ve been testing.

Water tank for clean water 2000ml 2000ml 2000ml
Dirty Water Tank 1500ml 1500ml 1500ml
Wattage 1300W 1300W 1300W
Air Watt 130 130 130
HeatingWash technology Yes, 40°C Yes, 40°C Yes, 40°C
Display with LED Yes
Full colour
3D Animation
Yes Yes
PowerDry Technology Yes
Five Passes
5 passes
Five Passes
iLoop dust sensor Yes Yes No
Surface Type Carpet
Carpets in the region
Carpets in the region
Carpets in the region
Formula samples included 2 1 1
App Yes Yes No
Voice assistant Yes Yes No
Length of the cord 6.5m
2.13 ft
2.13 ft
2.13 ft
Weighing 7.5kg
Accessory 2-in-1 Nozzle,
Use this cleaning tool
2.5m Accessories hose
Cleansing solution
2-in-1 Nozzle,
Use this cleaning tool
2.5m Accessories hose
Cleansing Solution
2-in-1 Nozzle,
Use this cleaning tool
2.5m Addory Hose
Cleansing solution
Pricing £599 £499 £399


Both Carpet One’s cleaners are equipped with LCD screens, while the Pro model has 3D animations. These cleaners have an indicator that changes color from blue to orange when it detects dirt. Based on dirt levels, the iLoop sensor adjusts water flow and suction automatically. It defaults to 20% and increases as it senses more dirt.

The iCARPET provides basic lighting icons that provide simple feedback. The iLoop sensor and voice guidance are also missing from the iCARPET. This model is missing the iLoop sensors, which I think would make it the best.

Assembling / Setting Up

You can assemble the cleaner easily. The cleaner comes mostly assembled. After powering it up, the LCD screen will display a 3D animation and then the cleaner will walk you through the process. It was useful because carpet cleaners don’t have the same intuitiveness as regular vacuum cleaners.

Tineco lets you connect to your carpet cleaner via WiFi.


An app for this carpet cleaner I don’t understand the necessity. It does everything that you require, thanks to the large LCD display and voice guidance.

My only use was to be able turn the volume down for voice guidance.

Visual & Voice Guidance

You can use the full-color LCD display on the Pro model to guide you through setting up, and for visual guidance when cleaning. It is also accompanied with voice guidance and is very loud.

If you do experience any error, the visual guidance can also help to diagnose them.

tineco display

The voice guide is very helpful, telling me when the dirty water tank should be empty, how to refill it, and when to flush the tub. It can be annoying and sometimes it feels like you’re being tangled. You can disable the voice guide by pressing a tiny button located on the back.

Carpet Cleaning

Amazingly, it does the job that it was designed for. They haven’t had their carpets cleaned for quite some time, as indicated by the stained water.

The best thing about this cleaner? It heats your water. Many competitors require you to pour hot water into the tank and then clean it before the water cools.

This visual guide will help you spot areas that require extra attention. The accuracy of the visual guide was surprising to me at first. It seemed to flash red when it was in maximum mode. However, the blue light would disappear quickly if I touched the spot again.

Then, I tested the carpet on my hallway carpet with auto mode. It is the old carpet, which was from the previous owner. A lot of dust had settled on the carpet during the loft conversion. The visible dirt had been removed with my Jimmy H9 Pro, and I went over the carpet again with my Vorwerk Kobold KK200.

Carpet One Pro instantly identified the problem area and activated the auto mode to increase cleaning. It would gradually reduce the indicator’s red color as it detected less dirt. It was shocking to see how many dirt and grime had been removed when it came time to empty the water tank. The tank also contained a shocking amount of sediment, which shows that even the best vacuum cleaners won’t get rid of all the dirt.

Tineco Carpet One Pro Smart Carpet Cleaner Dirty Water

The dirty water tank holds 1.5 litres and the clean water tank has 2 litres. The device seems to have a smaller capacity than some other models. I was able to quickly fill the dirty water tank when using max mode. Nevertheless, the iLoop and auto modes allow you to clean a larger surface before refilling.

The process of removing the tank is straightforward and easy to clean. You pull the handle and it will come off of your body. Similar functionality is found in the clean water tank.

This handheld attachment can be used for spot cleaning or, in my instance, to clean my sofa. Although it works in a similar way to the main cleaner, the handheld attachment is not as effective. You can use the head as a vacuum cleaner. A trigger is attached to the trigger and it squirts water right under your vacuum. Although this didn’t appear to be very efficient, it was nonetheless impressive.

It was okay in terms of noise, although it is less noisy than some carpet cleaners but still louder and more loud than any other vacuum cleaners.

Carpet drying

It also features a drying mode that is not available on many other cleaners. This switches off the water and increases the temperature to 75°C, and claims to be able to dry a carpet with 5 passes. The drying process works as described. Areas that I set at auto mode (20%) didn’t take long to dry, while areas which I used max mode (max mode) took a couple of more passes.

Pricing and Other Options

The Tineco Carpet One Pro is priced at £599, which possibly makes it the most expensive consumer carpet cleaner on the market.

The Tineco Carpet One Pro is now available

The none pro model, which has a less impressive LCD display, is £499.

The iCARPET is another £100 less at £299, and this omits the iLoop dust sensor and voice assistant and has a basic LCD display.

At a similar price, there is the Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 Upright Carpet Cleaner for £579, which is geared more toward commercial use. The product does not include heated water, drying or drying.

The next most expensive consumer cleaner is the VAX Platinum SmartWash Carpet Cleaner at £299. Although it lacks some smart features, the VAX Platinum SmartWash Carpet Cleaner is priced at PS299. It has slightly lower power ratings of 1300W but can dry.

In general

Tineco Carpet One Pro is an excellent smart carpet cleaner. Its performance is impressive and I was disgusted by how filthy my carpets looked.

Heating water with iLoop technology greatly simplifies cleaning. The heated drying eliminates the need for tactical cleaning and gives them sufficient time to dry.

Unique features make it stand out in the crowd. This made it easy for me to clean my first time without having to read the directions. It can sometimes feel like your voice is being muted, but this helps to keep the machine working properly.

Smart features are accompanied by a higher price. Although the Pro model costs twice as much as the iCARPET’s, the cleaner feels a little more expensive due to the iLoop technology.

Last Updated: 2022-11/08 / Affiliate links/Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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