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IPod Nano Review (6th Generation) – Gadget Review

[Rating: 4.5]


  • Design and interface are excellent
  • Smartphones with touchscreen accuracy greater than 99 percent
  • Finally, FM radio!


  • Small. You can easily lose.

With the increasing size of gadgets, it becomes more difficult to solve those ridiculous issues we saw in Zoolander. If you have the Motorola SLVR with iTunes, you won’t have to worry about an iPod. The departure from the past iPod Nano design, as well as the complete reworking and shrinking of the latest device is highly questionable, and interested consumers are all wondering whether it’s worth the upgrade. You can also read our Sony NWZ-263 review for a traditional walkman. Or if you’d prefer to stay small, check out our review of Samsung’s tiny MP3 player: YP-F2. It’s easy to identify the top MP3 players on the market by using an iPod player.

Are you sure?

Nano Front

Apple’s complete makeover for the iPod Nano may look like the company is confused, but their history proves otherwise. Every product they make, every filing they submit, and every word out of Steve Jobs’ mouth This is deliberate. Nano continues this trend. If you’re on the market for an MP3 player, check out the Monolith MX7000 semi-indestructible MP3 player now in 1GB 2GB.

6Th generation iPod Nano rids itself of video recording and playback, effectively cuts the size in half, and has finally removed the last remnant of Apple’s renowned scroll wheel. In its place, a 1.54” capacitive touchscreen running on a slimmed down version of iOS. See the future generation of iPods. Continue reading the review of the iPod nano 7th Generation.

There is no reason to be concerned about video playback or recording. Although it was very convenient, the screen on which you could view videos was too small. I’m glad Apple acknowledged that and rid of the function. Even though recording video with such a tiny device was convenient, the small weight, small size and poor quality of the images made it a last resort for many users. The Nano’s lack of Wi-Fi antenna meant that most video taken on it never left the device. The Sony nwz W252 w Series Walkman MP3 Player Review is available.

This latest Nano is trimmed of all the fat from the previous model and gets down to the very core of the device: a small music player that’s simple, intuitive, and easy to use for anything. It’s ideal for kids who want to save their music; adults who are looking for a way to keep fit; and for busy people like salesmen, who have too many things in their pockets.

Nano Top Nano Back

These users will find the Nano to be an ideal fit. Practically, the Nano makes a great media player. With up to 16GB (8GB or 16GB models available), there’s more than enough space for the daily excursion or even a month-long trip. The battery can be used for up to 24 hours continuous audio playback. It also has a quick recharge time that allows you to fully recharge it in as little as a couple of hours or 80% in less than 1.5 hours.  In fact, there’s only one thing that doesn’t make the Nano the ultimate road warrior: its size.

The latest Nano, like all little things is very easy to forget. This latest Nano makes things easier, but can also make it difficult to watch. I had to lose the Nano many times during testing, each loss being slightly different. They were everywhere in the home and at work. Had I left it on some store counter or doctor’s office, it would be as good as gone.

Nano Comparison
Because of its clip, the iPod Nano is thicker than 4th gen iPod touch.

With the iPod Shuffle, such a loss isn’t a big deal. It’s much cheaper to replace the Nano with $50 (or $180) than it is to buy $150. It’s great to have a clip that can holster your Nano. You can wear it on your belt, or even an armband. However, I used it for exercises. It is important to use the clip as often as possible in order not to lose it.

Features are limited for the Nano to what’s already on the device, and the Nike+ add-on. Although the Nano does not look and feel like an iOS device strictly, many functions are identical. Rotating the screen (a 240×240 pixel square) is done with two fingers turning the image on-screen. This method is convenient and intuitive – much better than using accelerometers for the same function. Holding down the screen while pressing the Home button for 3 seconds will bring you back to your home screen. Swipe functionality is important on the Nano because there are no exit options for apps other than holding the finger on the screen. You can swipe left from almost any screen to go back one screen.

Nano Touch Comparison

The screen app can be moved about, but not deleted. You will find quick links on four pages to music: artists, playlists, Genius mixes and now playing.You can also access settings, photos and fitness as well as a clock and FM radio. While the Photos app works almost exactly the same way as iOS devices, I discovered that it took me nearly two hours to resize my more than 7000 photos for Nano. It won’t store full-size images, and for good reason: there is no pinch-zoom function on the Nano, only a double-tap to zoom in enough for the full screen to be utilized.

It also includes a stopwatch, analog clock, and a timer. The Fitness app also includes a funny pedometer that uses the internal accelerometer for counting steps. A history of the Fitness app’s use is also recorded.

Radio FM uses headphones as antennas. The iPod headphones are the best for receiving radio waves. Other, higher-quality headphones I tested didn’t receive as good a signal as the iPod headphones, but users will have to determine quality of the sound versus quality of the earbuds for themselves. The Zune HD isn’t HD radio; it’s just an FM receiver. You can set up as many stations as you wish to be favorites. A special “Live Pause” feature allows up to 15 minutes of radio to be stored, in case you don’t want to miss anything. The FM radio can reduce battery life significantly. I listened to FM radio for 6-8 hours during my tests.

Nano Pro 2

Although the iPod Nano has voice control, the headphones don’t include the microphone. For $30, interested users can purchase an additional set.

Apple’s latest iPod Nano is a simplification of media playback devices. The computer and cellphone giant has finally made three (technically four) separate mobile entities: the Shuffle – light, inexpensive, and for music only; the Nano – screened, high capacity for photos and music, and an excellent exercise companion; and the Touch (or iPhone) – the do-all media device for music, videos, pictures and games. Although the Nano does a great job, interested customers can buy similar media players at a lower price. But they won’t find a better, crisper, and cleaner device than the latest 6th generation iPod Nano.

Amazon offers the 16GB storage for just $172

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