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How to Get Slack’s Paid Features for Free

You can’t afford to be lazy paying for … if you’re a company. Slack can be used to create an online community. free version.

It’s partially because Slack’s most expensive paid features can be skipped if you are only using the platform for group texts, and partly because it gets very costly quickly. Monthly plans start at $7.25 for two users, that’s approximately $174/month or $2,000 annually. This is likely to be more than you would like for the simple pleasure of bantering with your friends.

However, some of the paid Slack functions are quite nice. You have access to old messages and archive. It is actually possible to have these and other features for free if you are willing to work hard. Here’s how:

Unlimited Slack History Available for FREE

It free version of Slack only lets users scroll up to or search for messages from the past 90 days—anything older can’t be found. Those messages aren’t gone, though—if you start paying they will all show up.

Another loophole exists. Administrators can export data from Slack, which includes a full backlog of messages. Simply go to Settings & Administration > Workspace configurations In Slack’s Menu The settings will open in your browser—there’s an Export/import data The button is located in the upper-right corner. This will allow you to choose a time range, and then export all messages. Please note that free users cannot export Direct Messages (DMs) or private channels—only public channels. Actual archives are contained in ZIP files containing JSON files. They can be difficult to understand. It’s still there.

free Slack Export viewer can convert those files to your browser and load them into it. It also includes a sidebar that allows you to browse channels in Slack. It works—I tested it—but you’ll need to be comfortable with the command line in order to set it up. JSON Translator is another option. It can convert the ZIP file to a CSV file which you can open with Excel or Google Sheets. (CSV files contain data records separated by commas—hence the name.)

Slack Saver is a great tool for creating a public archive. Upload the ZIP file from Slack, and share the link with the entire archive to your community. Although it will require you to periodically update the archive to reflect new posts, it is still possible to use it. Keep in mind that web-based services allow you to upload a full archive of conversation people may have considered semi-private. Before you proceed, make sure that your community agrees.

Grab Slackhuddles For Free

Slack’s Huddle feature is different from an audio call because there’s no ringing—you can just turn on the Huddle for any channel and people can show up if they want to. You can have quick and spontaneous conversations by using the audio, screen, or video sharing.

Slack’s Huddles don’t have to be your only option. Gather allows you to create virtual rooms. Pixel avatars can be moved towards and away from one another in Gather. You can use it for drop-in/dropout discussions that make Huddles great. It can be linked to Gather rooms in your Topic channel on Slack.

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