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These are the Best Nintendo Switch Accessories

Nintendo Switch It has remarkable staying power, even though it is five years old. The screen and kickstand have been updated only once. The Switch’s portable nature makes it a more personal console than the must see Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 which are tied to a home. It also comes with many exclusives and independent titles. The Switch can be played at home and on the move so you may need to purchase batteries or protective cases.

This Switch OLED version is an excellent improvement on the original. If not noted, the accessories listed here should work with OLED models unless they are specifically mentioned in the text and buy links. We have not tried them all. Some are even suitable for Nintendo’s Switch Lite, the Switch’s mobile-only sibling that cannot dock to a TV.

If you’re still shopping for a Nintendo Switch, check out the list of the best Switch deals. Looking for new games? Need new games? Our top Switch games guide will help. Also, read our Switch tips to make the most of your Switch system.

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