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Netatmo Smart Smoke Alarm review – A smart invesment

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Netatmo Smart Smoke Alarm Review

Product name: Netatmo Smart Smoke Alarm

Price of the offer: 89.99

Currency: GBP

Availability: InStock

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Netatmo Smart Smoke Alarms are easy to use and more effective than other brands.

The basic smoke alarm is the same as most other things.
An upgrade to the Internet of Things. This makes sense and allows you to
You can remotely be notified if you have a problem
If you do accidentally burn anything in your kitchen, hush the alarm.

It is an intelligent home system that works well, but there aren’t many options. Netatmo is one of the newest options and comes in at a competitive price of £89.99 compared to its counterparts. The main competitor is the Nest Protect which has an RRP of £109.00 and currently costs £97.34 on Amazon. Then there is the Eve Smoke which is even more expensive at £109.95.

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Netatmo has a smoke alarm that is powered by battery and lasts for 10 years. After this period, the alarm will have to be replaced. This is apparently the recommended policy and to be honest I can’t imagine a lot of IoT devices lasting 10 years anyway. However, there are caveats to the 10-year-life. This is dependent on certain events and can be read more here. Worst case, however, it may last for several years.

netatmo smoke

Netatmo Smart Smoke Alarm is powered by a photoelectric smoke
Sensor to detect smoke problems in your home and fires. It is standard on most smoke alarms.
should do just as well than any other. A notable omission in this report is the low level of carbon.
You should have an additional detector for monoxide.
This is the alarm. I think this is fine for me since my smoke alarm is in a hallway.
However, the carbon monoxide alarm has been activated
Our wood stove is located in the living room.

When a fire is started, the smoke alarm can be connected to Wi Fi.
It sends you smartphone notifications in real-time to your family and friends, even when it is not convenient.
you’re away from home. This product is standalone and does not require a hub.

Smart Smoke Alarm is constantly on
It monitors its battery for smoke detection
Wi-Fi and sensor. This sends an alert to your smartphone immediately.
Smartphone if you experience any problems with any one of them.

It does not have a lot of functionality beyond that. The main feature is the ability to mute the alarm when it’s triggered by error.

It will notify you if it is combined with other alarms
Where the alarm goes off. I don’t have HomeKit or multiple alarms so didn’t test
You can choose one of them.

You can be more efficient with your battery.
The Bluetooth connection will be used by the smoke alarm to send out any other types of alerts than those based on smoke alarms.

It looks the same in design as every other smoke.
Alarm, you will be able replace the old one with no hassle
It is too many. It has an LED to indicate if something is wrong and how to fix it.

In use

Netatmo suggests that
However, you need to set it up once mounted.
This was ignored by me and I placed the backplate on my table to begin set-up. It is only by attaching the backplate that it turns on.
This can be done, and then you can remove the item from your home.

You will need the Netatmo security application to set up your alarm. This app is also available for Netatmo’s security cameras. You will need a separate app if Netatmo heating is used.

For setup, the app can connect to your alarm using Bluetooth.
Future notifications will be sent to you by passing your Wi-Fi credentials.
It was easy to set up and took only a few moments. You can find the instructions here.
Mounting it somewhere permanent will be the hardest. This will take a
little DIY skill. One of my holes was already in use.
To simplify the situation, use current alarm

It is very easy to set everything up.
There is not much you can do with the smoke alarm. You can log
In the security app, it will list all events. But these should only be a few.
far between. I tried some smoke alarm testing spray and was able trigger the alarm.
It’s fun to test close-up, but it could be lifesaving.
A notification was also sent to my mobile phone along with the alarm.
Information about the event

You can integrate IFTTT with it as they have some great pre-made recipes. My favorite feature is the option to change all Hue lights from green to red in the event of an alarm. A great solution, if all your compatible devices are present, is to be able to unlock Z-Wave-enabled doors when the alarm goes off. Although this would be compatible with Yale and SmartThings, it would mean that you would need to create your own IFTTT macro.

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All in all

It is difficult to say much about this product.
is probably for the best, you don’t want
A complex smoke alarm. Overall,
It does exactly what it was designed to, is simple to use and is less expensive than other brands. This makes it an excellent choice.

Mobile alerts, and the ability to silence alarms if false triggers are available
This is well worth spending more than a dumb.

There is no carbon monoxide detection.
but for me, that’s not really a big

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