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Going one step at a time: Gadget Review: Amazon 2021 Kindle Paperwhite 5| Going one step at a time: Gadget Review: Amazon 2021 Kindle Paperwhite 5

For years, I had been considering buying a Kindle. But, like all my previous purchases, I thought a lot and decided it wasn’t a priority. What changed for me that made it possible to buy one? 

That’s what I saw. My phone is too distracting before I get to sleep.. 😢Despite knowing it was past midnight, and my eyes being tired, I continued to scroll up on Instagram’s endless feeds or Reddit’s. It was then that I realized this wasn’t helping my sleeping habits. It affected my mental clarity and caused me to be unproductive the following day. It was a thought that I had. This has to end. How? This is when I realized that I wanted to buy a Kindle. 

Instead of reading a book on Kindle at bedtime, I will be using my smartphone.

And so after one year since canceling that initial order, I went and checked out a Kindle on Lazada (disclaimer: NOT an affiliate link!).  My order was delivered in a matter of days. My new gadget was amazing! I downloaded all my ebooks, plus those purchased through Humble Bundle. It’s been a month and I can say it is among the best purchases of my life.

I read and watched YouTube videos and blogs about Amazon’s Kindle reviews. Many of the comments made were the same: the Kindle had changed their reading habits. Maybe they are exaggerating. When I got one, my opinion was changed. The Kindle truly is life-changing. 😍

PXL 20220811 055224598

It’s easy to consume content with no eyestrain.

It has completely changed my life in just one day after I bought my Kindle. The first night I read, my phone was replaced by the Kindle. The Chronicles of Narnia – The Voyage of the Dawn Treader After reading (which I hadn’t done in months), my eyes became heavy, and I fell asleep. The next morning I felt more rested and refreshed. 😊

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Glare-free screen. My eyes are now able to take a break from staring at the screens on my computer and my phone. This version has been an Adjustable warm light This is a very important feature to me as I bought it so that my eyes could rest comfortably during the night.

PXL 20220823 124313819
Compare and contrast. The Kindle is left, and the iPad Mini is right.

The Kindle can store its battery for several weeks, or even a whole month.

Although the actual battery life depends on how your Kindle is used, it was able for me to use my Kindle for over a month. Airplane Mode is always on, especially when I’m not syncing with the cloud. ☁️

Goodreads syncs my reading activities.

As a certified bookworm 🤓📚, I religiously use Goodreads as my platform for tracking the books that I have read and want to read. I have been joining reading challenges since years back and I really enjoyed discovering new titles based on the recommendations of my friends or on the awards list.

Other than tracking my reading, the Another favorite feature is The Kindle Notes & Highlights This section is part of the website. So, if you have purchased a book from Amazon and read it on your Kindle, all the highlights and notes that  you do on the book will be synced with your Goodreads and you can access them from your profile there. This is an awesome feature that I love, particularly if you want to share specific quotations from the book and write your thoughts.


More books are being read than ever before.

Because of its small size, I was able to easily keep it in my bag. I could easily pull out my Kindle whenever I felt like reading, even if I wasn’t waiting to be served. The equation works for me now as follows:

Spend idle time reading books

Apart from reading books, you can use the Kindle to also read manga/comics. 😍

PXL 20220812 101519609.MP
PXL 20220814 040505964

I signed up for the free To my surprise, Kindle Unlimited offered a trial that included a variety of Archie Comics titles. I loved these comics as a part of my childhood. Feeling nostalgic, I downloaded several and then read them on my Kindle. 

PXL 20220813 010155217.MP
As a grownup, it is a little strange that I read Archie comics.
And they didn’t age at all in the comics. 😅

I am expanding my vocabulary.

You would see me holding a book and a dictionary during the age of the physical dictionary. As I attempted to find the meaning of an unfamiliar word, I’d switch between the dictionary and the novel from time to other. Now, that’s not necessary. The Kindle makes it easy to quickly highlight a word by pressing the long-press button. Recently, I added new words to my word bank. minuteiae, i.e. I get bored of the small details of daily life. 😉

Kindle is a great device. However, I do find some downsides.

  • Bluetooth not available. The 8GB model I bought was not intended to be used for audio books. But, imagine what it would look like if the 32GB version came with no Bluetooth. You can enable the BT feature (you will find it in Accessibility), but it seems strange that you don’t have the ability to toggle it off or on.
  • Cannot connect to Audible. This is probably why Bluetooth doesn’t exist. If  I am not mistaken, Audible is not available in PH. I tried to link my Kindle with the Audible shop, but the Kindle doesn’t have that option. ☹️

My Kindle is a great device. I am enjoying it immensely. I have read a lot of books and manga with it. Books (posts on the blog). A Kindle book is a better choice than scrolling through social media. It was a huge decision that I made to buy one. 😊

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