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No iPhone 14 Mini? Asus’ Compact Zenfone 9 Says No Problem

There is no shortage of it These days, big phones are everywhere. Apple has even gone so far as not to make a new iPhone 13 Mini, but to instead replace it with the iPhone 14 Plus. They’re still hard to find small phones, though. The Asus Zenfone 9 will be your best friend if you are tired of reaching for screens with your fingertips.

Before you continue reading, I want to make a few important points. You will find these important caveats. Android Smartphones are available in the US but will not function on Verizon’s network. It works best on T-Mobile and AT&T. Asus doesn’t provide support for its phones long-term. Most Android Smartphone makers offer software support for three to five year, while Asus offers only two years. Keep up with the times. The Zenfone 9 is not the best choice, but it does have some perks. It has a smaller screen, flagship performance and a headphone socket. It’s a very rare find. 

It’s small but it is powerful

Although it may not appear like a flagship smartphone, there is a ton of value in the package. It all starts with its size—at just 5.9 inches, it’s easy to wrap my fingers around. It is not. As Although it is smaller than the iPhone 13 Mini (5.8 inches), it still has one of the most compact screens available today. 

Although the AMOLED screen was small enough to be used for daily tasks, it felt spacious. did Feeling restricted when I watch episodes of Love, Death & Robots While riding the stationary bike to the gym. I had to bring the phone close to my eyes to catch details in the “Night of the Mini Dead” episode (fitting). The screen itself is bright and vibrant, sharp and easy to read. Simply It’s bright enough to be used on sunny days. The 120-Hz refresh rate is a treat too, and a feature you won’t find on the iPhone 13 Mini—every swipe and scroll feels smooth.

Photo by Asus

The phone’s size is not the only factor that makes it so comfortable to hold. Asus also uses a texture on its back. The texture is soft, almost like rubber mats in a playground. I like when phone manufacturers play around with designs and textures (RIP LG)—props to Asus for making this phone feel distinct, unlike its predecessor. This rear material is susceptible to scratches. It can be cleaned easily, however you will still notice some slight marks.

A side-mounted fingerprint sensor is embedded in the power button. This makes it easy and quick to unlock the device. A headphone jack sits at the top if you prefer to wear corded earbuds—this port is a rarity on flagship phones these days—and the Zenfone 9 has stereo speakers that get loud and sound pretty great. The phone also has a NFC (near-field communication) sensor that allows you to make tap-to–pay payments. Corning’s Gorilla Glass Victus protects the screen and provides IP68 water and dust resistance. This is comparable to most phones today. 

What’s missing? Wireless charging. Although you can charge this phone only with a USB-C cable, there are some good things. Asus is the rare phone maker that offers a charger adapter and a USB Cable. It even includes a protective case. Asus managed to squeeze a 4,300-mAh lithium battery inside this tiny phone. It can comfortably charge for a whole day. With average usage, I usually get it through about a week and a quarter. It is amazing! 

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