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The ‘M3GAN’ Dance Meme: Vicious Dolls Could Dominate 2023

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You know what’s always been scary as hell? Dolls. Watch an Video Annabelle Movie and please tell me that this is not a lie. What’s even creepier than that? Artificial intelligence dolls that are able to just stand up and have their own minds. You don’t want to wake up every night and be deprived of your sleep, so here is the trailer. M3GAN.

But perhaps that trailer—which shows the movie’s namesake robot (her name short for “model-3 generative Android”) become dangerously attached to her human companion Cady—is too haunting. The internet can help you if this is the case. Almost immediately after the trailer dropped, Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram exploded with mashups setting the doll’s dance moves To tracks by everyone from Beyoncé to Taylor Swift.

Fans also, rightfully, set M3GAN’s dance moves to songs by Megan Thee Stallion. The most rewarding? Watching her gyrate to “Body.”) Megan herself also caught wind of the trailer. “Not being biased but I think they made this movie for me,” she tweeted, “I will be THEE FIRST in line to see M3GAN.” (Does this mean it’s too late to get her a cameo?)

These viralities are what marketers dream about. It’s priceless to have your trailer become a viral meme, even if it takes away some of the horror from your movie. It’s easy to imagine the filmmakers putting this scene in the trailer, and the movie, not-so-secretly hoping for this very thing to happen.

The memes also speak to people’s willingness to make the culture they want to see. Fans have been extremely thirsty for Swift’s new album MidnightToday’s release of her new album, “The Way You Are” is today. For some, the combination of Beyonce’s music and a vicious dance doll may just be a way to deal. Same goes for Beyoncé fans who are both celebrating her new album Renaissance expressing frustration that she didn’t release videos to accompany it. M3GAN users who combine it with RuPaul rapsIn the meantime, you can just be curious how to Enjoy yourself.

In the week or so since the trailer dropped, it’s also spawned a series of knock-on memes on TikTok. The hashtag #m3gandance has more than 23,000,000 views, although not all are edits. M3GAN has been suggested as a costume for Halloween. Some others show their creators trying to replicate her dance. Encanto. Another posts a twitter beef between M3GAN, Chucky and the ultimate terrifying doll: Chucky Child’s Play.

On Wednesday, M3GAN’s studio, Universal, moved the movie’s release date up by a week, to January 6. The movie now has two more months to gather even more memes. It may be irrelevant if it flops by the time it is released to the public. It will just matter if it’s got something they can dance to.

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