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How to set up your new Android phone

The new may vary depending on your needs. Android You might be able to transfer data directly from an older device on the phone that you choose. You can usually do this via Wi-Fi but you might also be able to connect them with a cable. The fastest way to transfer your data, especially photos or videos, is via a cable. We recommend it. 

You will need another way to save your photos or videos if you do not have the ability to directly copy them. No matter what model your phone may be, you can copy data from it. Android or an iPhone, your best bet is to use Google’s cloud-based service, Google Photos, which comes preinstalled on Android devices. You can also save your photos there automatically whenever you backup your images on an Android phone. Our guide will help you to find the right amount of space in Google accounts if that happens. how to free (Spare space. 

Google Photos can be used if your phone is not yet connected to the internet. Take out your smartphone and open Google Photos. Tap on the little round icon to the right of the screen and then back your photos up. Please select Get back up Then wait for them to sync. The photos will then appear on your new computer. Android phone—as well as the web, and any iOS device where you’ve downloaded the Google Photos app.  

Install Update System and Apps

Screenshot by Simon Hill, Google

Your software must be current in order for you to remain safe and enjoy all of the new features. Have a look at Setting, SystemTap and. Software update To ensure that you are using the most current version Android. Also, open the Play Store App, tap the profile picture in the top-right, and choose Apps and devices can be managed. You can tap to update any app. All Updates under Updates available.

Other accounts can be added and preferences set

Screenshot by Simon Hill, Google

Once you’ve synced all the data that’s available from your Google account, you’ll want to link some of your other accounts to your phone for seamless integration down the line. Simply go to Setting, Bank Accounts (or Passwords & accountsSelect Create an accountLog in to Facebook, Twitter or Dropbox and provide your details for Skype, Facebook and other services. You can sign in by simply opening each app.

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