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Accessories for Best Quest Pro: What’s inside the box? And what do you need

The Meta Quest 2 requires many accessories to make the most of its experience. However, the Meta Quest Pro, at $1,500, doesn’t need any mods. Instead, it comes with several handy accessories. You may still want some Quest Pro accessories depending on your intended use. 

The headset is expensive enough that we aren’t going to attempt to sell it. Let’s find out what’s in your box, and what accessories are included with it.

(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

Detachable stylus tip and the Quest Pro controllers are essential bundled accessories for the Meta Quest Pro. They measure 130x70x62mm (5.1×2.75×2.4inches) and power three different tracking cameras. These Pro controllers will never loose their position, even though the Oculus touch controllers can be tracked in areas above or below your head.

TruTouch Haptics is an enhanced feature that makes it feel as if you are actually touching virtual objects, or even writing on virtual dashboards. They are our favorite VR controllers. You can use them with the Quest 2 as well, but they will have to be purchased separately at $300. 

Meta Quest Pro headset with partial light blockers installed

Quest Pro comes with removable light-blockers. (Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

Magnetically attached to the headset’s sides, the Quest Pro comes with a facial interface that blocks some light. You can use the Quest Pro with no obstructions. Nick Sutrich, our tester said that he was more confident in his actions when using mixed-reality apps without blocking because he could see all of the room and potential trip hazards. These partial blockers are great for keeping you focused if you work at your desk.

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