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Motorola Edge (2022), vs. OnePlus10T: Which one should you choose?

Both the OnePlus 10T and Motorola Edge (2022) are mid-range phones that make slight concessions compared to their immediate upgrades — the OnePlus 10 Pro and Edge+ — but are otherwise dependable smartphones that don’t feel like a compromise to use. In many ways the Edge (2022), outperforms its predecessors. The 10T brings back OnePlus’ traditional late-year style refresh. 

We’ve broken down the Motorola Edge (2022 vs. OnePlus10T) to determine which phone is better. Each smartphone offers different perks for a comparable price.

Motorola Edge (2022) vs. OnePlus 10T: Design and displays

The OnePlus 10T and Motorola Edge (2022) held in two hands

(Image credit: Nick Sutrich / Android Central)

Because the OnePlus 10T is a downgraded spin-off of the OnePlus 10 Pro, it mimics the look of the more expensive flagship in most ways. It features a matte glass back and thick, heavy construction. It measures in at 6.7 inches and is not something most people would want to hold. However, the bulk of this phone comes with an extremely powerful processor. 

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