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Android 13 Go is available, however not all devices may be able update.

When it comes to Android updates, there are certain hardware requirements which is why some devices are left out of the list when it’s update time. Google was able to solve the problem by creating Android While Go is a device aimed at low-end smartphones, some phones will end up missing it.

Google just announced a new feature Android 13Go edition will most likely bring you some of Android 13’s features to lower-end handsets like the brand new Material You design. Google says:

“In addition to the new features that are tailored to the needs of Go users, this update also brings some of key Android 13 Features like App Language Preferences, Notification Permissions and More. This release supports more options for millions of users of Anonymizer. Android Go device. Keep an eye out for the new device launches Android 13 (Go edition) in 2023.”

Mishaal Rahman is here to calm you down before getting too excited has noted This is one of the latest hardware requirements Android 13 Go requires handsets with at least 2GB RAM. This is an improvement on the old system. Android Go was created for phones that have less than 2GB RAM. With this update, some devices might be lost.

Source: Google

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