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An Instagram update promotes better interactions in the comments area

You need to be aware of these facts

  • Instagram has updated its security measures to improve safety.
  • Social media platform has added a new feature that allows users to block accounts they have created.
  • Hidden Words updates help keep your eyes off of offensive comments and improve filtering to detect spam and scam messages.
  • Nudges now includes comments and user DMs.

Instagram has updated its latest version to show us how they are adding additional security measures for its users.

Instagram is one the top social networks Android Apps for social media bring with them a huge flood of users. It is well-known that this can result in some very unpleasant interactions. This is why Meta has updated their website.

Instagram has made a small change in its blocking system. Instagram users already have the ability to ban someone and block any other accounts that they create. It has been updated so users can block Existing Accounts that your troublemaker may have.

(Image credit: Instagram)

Hidden Words is being updated by Instagram. Users can now turn this feature on to automatically delete harmful comments and messages. According to Instagram, more than half of the more than 10,000 Instagram creators have activated the filter. However, the company is now testing Hidden Words for creator accounts.

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