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Privacy Sandbox: Developer Preview 5.

Fred Chung posted this information. Android Developer Relations

Today, we’re releasing the Privacy Sandbox on Android Developer Preview 5 ‒ it’s a major milestone that will become the foundation for upcoming Privacy Sandbox Beta releases.

Many of you tested the Developer Preview, reported bugs and provided feedback. We have benefited from your feedback in order to improve the Privacy Sandbox design. We have, for example, modified the SDK Runtime design in order to permit reflection API usage and published further design proposals regarding FLEDGE services and mediation.

Let’s have a look at the specifics in this release.

What’s in Developer Preview 5?

Developer Preview 5 features additional functionality, data validation enhancements and API signature modifications across privacy-preserving APIs as well as the SDK Runtime. Details can be found in the release notes.

API to Report Attribution


  • A daily fetch URL can be set up to supply up-to date data to auctions. It will update your custom audience AdData list and other metadata.
  • This release contains API signature updates and parameter validations to increase robustness. Details can be found in the release notes. You should update both the code sample and your tests projects by using Developer Preview versions.

SDK Runtime

  • Apps have additional control over runtime-enabled SDK lifecycle events such as unexpected terminations by platforms. Implementing the SdkSandboxLifecycleCallback allows the app to take appropriate actions to recover.
  • Apps now have IBinder access after successfully loading the SDK. This interface allows for 2-way communication with runtime-enabled SDKs.

Topics API

  • Updated taxonomy to classify mobile apps.

AdServices permissions

  • To access privacy-preserving APIs, app developers will need to declare AdServices permissions. More information.

In the coming months, we’ll continue to use the Developer Previews to innovate and implement new features. We’ll publish more details about the Beta and these future releases in the coming months.

Start with Developer Preview 5

With today’s Developer Preview release, we hope to continue working with the industry and developers to get prepared for Privacy Sandbox on Android. You will find all of the information you need in this release to get started with early testing and sharing feedback. For more information on how to get started with development, please refer to the instructions for setting up the SDK as well as system images on either the supported Pixel devices or the emulator.

More information is available on Privacy Sandbox Android For the Developer Preview visit our site. To receive periodic updates, sign up to our newsletter.

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