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YouTube’s Premium-Only 4K Resolution Test is Over, and it’s now open to everyone

Updated at 04:38 ET on Oct 18. YouTube ends its test, with the removal of the paywall in place for 4K video quality.

Here are some things you should know

  • YouTube is reportedly working to offer Premium subscribers a 4K resolution option.
  • Although testing seems to be very easy, many can still stream 4K content without a subscription.
  • We don’t know how widely this test will be used or for how long.

YouTube appears to want to improve its video quality. YouTube has tested a 4K resolution option with a catch.

Reddit user Screen grabbed 4K for a video and made an early mention of this test. The 2160p resolution is accompanied by a tag beneath which states, “Premium · Tap to upgrade.”

(Image credit: Reddit)

This “test” is not widely known by YouTube. Both sides have their opinions. Some users can still see 4K videos even though they are not YouTube Premium members, while others cannot. This requirement was not found in our tests.

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