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You can listen to the major Text to Speech Upgrades for 64-bit Devices.

Written by Rakesh Iyer is a Staff Software Engineer Leland Reschis is Group Product Manager

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Our Speech Services by Google speech system is in major upgrade. This will provide natural, clearer voices. A new synthesizer has been added to all 421 voices for 67 languages.

If you already use TTS and the Speech Services by Google engine, there is nothing to do – everything will happen behind the scenes as your users will have automatically downloaded the latest update. We’ve seen a significant side by side quality increase with this change, particularly in respects to clarity and naturalness.

This upgrade will see us change the default voice for en-US from one built with fresher speaker data to one which is a significant improvement. Users who haven’t selected a voice for the system will be able to hear an entirely different speaker than those using system defaults. The difference can be heard below

Upgrade and speaker change for EN/US

Sample of the Current Speaker

Example Upgraded Speaker

Some other languages are available as speaker upgrades









All 64-bit versions will receive this update Android Devices via Google Play Store during the next few weeks, as part of Speech Services By Google apk. You can verify the version number 210390644 for your package at if you’re concerned that users may not have updated it yet.Android.tts.

If you haven’t used TTS in your projects yet, or haven’t given your users the ability to choose a voice within your android app, it’s fairly straightforward, and easy to experiment with. We’ve included some sample code to get you started. 

Here’s an example of how to Voice synthesis can be set up. Finally, we send the synthesizer a simple word.

Class MainActivity : AppCompatActivity() {
  Begin object {
      Private Const Val TAG = “TextToSpeechSample”
  Private lateinit Var TextToSpeech
  Private Val progressListener: UtteranceProgressListener = object : UtteranceProgressListener() {
      Override Have fun Start(utteranceId: String) {
        Log.d(TAG, “Started utterance $utteranceId)
      Override Have fun OnDone(utteranceId: String) {
        Log.d(TAG, “Done without utterance $utteranceId)
      override Have fun OnError(utteranceId: String?) {}
  override Have fun OnCreate(savedInstanceState: Bundle?) {
      Val onInitListener = TextToSpeech.OnInitListener {
        tts.voice = tts.voices.find { == “en-us-x-iog-local” } ?: tts.defaultVoice
        tts.speak(“1 2 3”, TextToSpeech.QUEUE_ADD, Bundle(), “utteranceId”)
      tts = TextToSpeech(This, onInitListener)
  Override Have fun onDestroy() {

This is a great experience!

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