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The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 is currently cheaper than it’s ever been at Amazon

Since it first hit store shelves last August, we’ve seen quite a few Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 deals come down the pipeline. A good, straight discount has been elusive. Amazon is currently changing that fact by slashing nearly $150 off (opens in new tab) the 128GB version of the unlocked foldable and $190 off the 256GB version, making both phones cheaper than they’ve ever been through the retailer. 

Because the Galaxy Z Flip 4 typically retails for around $999.99 for the 128GB version, you’re looking at a 15% discount, which is a pretty big deal when you consider that there are no eligibility requirements whatsoever. Add the device to the cart, and you’ll get the savings. For $869.99 instead of $1,059.99 you can get the 256GB version for an amazing 18% off Only the black Graphite version of the phone is eligible for the discount. 

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