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Supernatural for Quest 2 is now possible with one hand

Here are some things you should know

  • Supernatural has a new update that includes an updated one-controller.
  • Retrofitting all existing songs with one controller means that you don’t need to wait to get new ones.
  • The game also has accessibility features such as a large platform on the floor, front-facing only and no squats.

While fitness is a great reason to buy a headset VR like the Quest 2, some VR games may not be accessible for you. Supernatural recently released an update to allow players with temporary or limb differences to only use one controller when they are exercising.

Supernatural is one the most popular VR games for fitness (Opens in a new tab This accessibility feature is a great addition to the existing modes. Supernatural already includes modifiers to use front-facing only mode and no squat mode — which are particularly excellent for folks in wheelchairs or with other movement impairments — and large floor platform, which can help folks who just need a bit more space to move around.

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