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Recent rumors suggest that the Google Pixel 7 Ultra model may be getting some updates

Here are some things you should know

  • Recent rumors have surfaced about the Ultra Model in the Pixel 7 Series.
  • According to the latest information, this phone will feature a 1 inch camera sensor.
  • The rumours are that the device will also include a Qualcomm wireless modem. It’s thought this modem will provide better connectivity.

There were rumors prior to the official launch of the Google Pixel 7 series that an Ultra model was being considered. The Pixel 7 launch was a success without any mentions of the souped-up model, however new rumors brought this to our attention.

According to the developer Kuba Wojciechowski (Opens in a new tabAccording to a source code analysis of the Pixel 7 series, it is likely that the Pixel Ultra will ship with Qualcomm’s WiFi 6E and Bluetooth chips (WCN6740), rather than the Broadcom Broadcom BCM4389 used in the Pixel 6 line. This rumored upgrade will be made to the device’s connectivity performance. 

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