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Motorola showcases a concept smartphone with rollable displays

Foldable phones are all the rage right now, but they can be expensive. Samsung was working on phones with foldable displays, the company’s rival LG decided to develop a phone with a rollable display. This phone was never made because LG pulled out of the smartphone market. However, Motorola appears to be ready to continue where LG left off.

Lenovo Tech World 2022 saw the unveiling of a concept smartphone with a rollable display. Unlike LG’s approach where the phone unrolled itself to become a tablet, Motorola’s concept builds off the approach the company took with its Razr foldable smartphone, where a smaller phone unrolled and stretched its display to become a bigger phone.

Before you ask when you might be able to get your hands on this device, keep in mind that right now this is more of a proof of concept that shows off the company’s work on flexible OLED screens. We’re not actually sure if Motorola will develop such a smartphone and bring it to the market, but we have to say that we wouldn’t mind if they did as it looks pretty awesome.

This device might actually be more popular than you think. This device is called the Samsung Galaxy The Z Flip series is more loved than any other. Galaxy Z Fold line. While we’re sure pricing plays a part, it is also possible that there are many users who can appreciate carrying a smaller device in their bags or pockets.

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