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Mint Mobile will take $400 off your Pixel 7 Pro. Mint Mobile also offers six months of free 5G service.

Mint Mobile is offering $400 off Google’s top flagship smartphone if you’re open to trying a new carrier.

Google Pixel 7 Pro
Obsidian Pixel 7 Pro

Source: Google

Google has been promising the Pixel 7 Pro for 7 years. It delivers on almost all of its promises. The Pixel 7 Pro is unmatched in photography, it has plenty of power and looks fantastic, even though its curvature.

Mint Mobile’s carrier deals are among the top Pixel 7 Pro deals. While the major three have continued to roll out their charms, Mint Mobile also has its own fun. Mint Mobile offers $400 savings on the Google Pixel 7 Pro, along with 12 months service. Mint Mobile also pays 6 months for your service plan. This includes any plan starting at the 4GB and ending up at the Unlimited Plan. This gives you Unlimited 4G/5G service for a year for half the cost of the 4GB plan. You also get the 7 Pro at almost half off


As we said in our Pixel 7 Pro review, the improvements and refinements to the 7 Pro over last year — especially to the cameras and zoom/macro photography — not only make it one of the best Android There are many phones out there, and it has finally gotten its $300 bump over the Pixel 7’s near Mini-Me. I would say that the Pixel 7 is sufficient for most people. If you don’t consider yourself much of a photographer — or you really only use the primary lens on your smartphone — I think the $600 option will serve you well. But I’ve had so much fun shooting with the telescope and ultra-wide lenses over the last few weeks that, whenever I inevitably switch to the smaller model for a closer look, I know I’ll miss having those features.”

Mint Mobile’s only drawback is the inability to get your beloved Hazel. It would have been easy to imagine a Mint phone with a gold and green design, but black is always a good choice. You’ll be packing it into a durable Pixel 7 Pro case, right? (Right??)

Mint Mobile might be best known for Ryan Reynolds (one of its coowners), but the MVNO (mobile virtual networks operator) is still one of the most user-friendly carriers. Pre-purchased months of service, such as this one, has kept its prices low. This makes it one of the best value US carriers. It runs on T-Mobile’s network — MVNOs lease network from one of the larger carriers rather than build their own towers — so you don’t have to worry about lackluster cell signal.

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