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Google’s rumored Pixel Ultra could sport a 1-inch camera sensor

These days, performance in smartphones have kind of peaked where with each new generation, the performance gains aren’t as much as they used to be. Smartphone makers must find new ways to be competitive with one another, which means cameras have become a popular option.

Google is known for its amazing camera software. However, Ice Universe recently tweeted that Google may be in the process of equipping their rumored drones. Pixel Ultra Smartphone with 1-inch Camera Sensor

While phones tend to be marketed using megapixels as their primary feature, it is also important that the sensor size matter. The larger the sensor the better the light can capture, which in turn means more detail, such as shadows and details. This results in higher quality photos. There have been rumours that Google might be developing a Pixel Ultra smartphone. However, the phone was not revealed alongside the Pixel 7 series. This leaves us curious about when the device could go on sale.

Another thing to note is the conflicting reports about the size sensor. While Ice Universe claims that there will be a 1-inch sensor, tweets by Kuba Wojciechowski are saying otherwise, where we might see Google use Sony’s sensors which are under 1-inch.

Either way, since nothing has been confirmed, it’s best not to put too much stock in these rumors for now until Google officially announces the handset, if and when that happens.

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