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Get the new Google Pixel Watch – Start building Wear OS with it!

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You caught the yesterday’s
You saw all the new devices at this Made by Google Event
The Pixel portfolio. We wanted to highlight two other Pixel phones: the Pixel 7 Pro and Pixel 7 Pro.
Google Pixel Tablet: The latest form factors1 Google’s brand
The new tablet will be available in 2023.
Google’s Pixel Watch! Consumers are beginning to
You can preorder the watch now and prepare your app to look great everywhere.
These are some of the watches consumers can get over the holiday season.
Find out the most recent updates for Wear OS and how apps such as yours are evolving
Their experiences and their recommendations on how to get started in building an efficient, beautiful business.
Wear OS app.

Here’s What’s New in Wear OS

Google Pixel Watch uses Wear OS, and is updated regularly.
the platform, Wear OS 3.5. Wear OS 3.5 can also be downloaded on
You can also use your favorite Wear OS devices Wear OS – The New Experience
The site is fluidly designed and intuitive to be easy to navigate. It also provides users with the necessary information.
You can tap, swipe or speak what you need. The new UI is richer and more intuitive.
Notifications allow your users to see more information in a single glance


Building on top of the new features is a great way to get more value.
We released this year’s
Wear OS is our new modern platform for composing
UI toolkit that will help you make your app run faster with less code
Hours, and less code. Built from the ground up using Kotlin
It moved to
API stable in this year’s earlier stages, which means that it is now available for download.
building. The 1.0 release contains the following:

  • Material: Wear OS catalog already available in the Compose Material Catalog
    More components are offered than with View-based layouts. It is called The
    Materials are styled and components can also be used to implement theming.
    This allows you to personalize the design for your company.
  • Declarative: Wear OS uses Compose Android
    Integration with Jetpack libraries for development and work seamlessly. Compose-based
    Most UIs are less code in many cases and speed up development.
  • Interoperable: You can use an existing Wear OS App with a
    Large View-based codebase makes it possible to slowly adopt Compose For Wear
    OS with the Compose InteroperabilityAPIs, rather than rewriting
    The entire codebase.
  • Handles different types of watches: The Compose For Wear OS extension is available
    Compose is the base, and Compose has a DSL that allows for all curve elements.
    Easy to design for any Wear OS device shape, round, square, rectangular
    With minimum code
  • Performance: Every Compose for Wear OS Library ships with
    Its own baseline profiles are automatically combined with the rest of the data and then distributed.
    your app’s APK and are compiled ahead of time on device. This is most often the case.
    Production builds achieve app performance that is at-par
    View-based apps. However, it’s important to know how to configure, develop,
    and test your app’s performance for the best results.

The launch of Wear OS’s new mobile app, the
Tiles Material library
To help you make tiles faster. Tiles Material Library contains
Pre-built material components and layouts which incorporate the latest Material
Wear OS Design. This library is easy-to-use and includes buttons components.
Progress arcs, and many other features – save time building them from scratch.
You can also use the layouts already built to jumpstart your tile development
This is how to know your layout
Material design guidelines
What tiles you should use

Finally, the newly released
Android Studio
Dolphin has a variety of Wear OS features that will help you get your tiles and apps.
Wear OS3 devices with watch faces. An updated Wear OS 3 device.
Emulator Toolbar, an intuitive
A new pairing assistant
Direct Surface Launch
It’s easier to test your watch face, tile, or complication.
WearOS is now easier than ever to create great apps.

Explore New Apps and Get Inspired

Wear OS is already enjoying amazing apps such as yours, which provide great experiences.
Google apps for others: Spotify, Strava and Bitmoji.
MyFitnessPal and Calm This year
PeriodTracker and Todoist
Each app was rebuilt with Compose using the available APIs and tools
That makes it easier to build their apps.
Outdooractive discovered that Compose for Wear OS reduced development time by 30 percent
For their team.


We are experiencing amazing results with the Google Pixel Watch’s launch
Google Apps offers new experiences
Use the latest hardware features to create an extraordinary experience
user experience. Google Photos now allows you to set your favorite picture as
Google Pixel Watch has 19 customization options. Your watch face can be customized on the Google Pixel Watch
Faces with many customization options. With
Google Assistant
Google Pixel Watch users have the ability to interact with their favourite apps via built-in Google Pixel Watch.
Use the Wear OS App or leverage the integrated integration with Google
Assistant. For example, Google Home’s latest updates users can easily control
their smart home devices through the Wear OS app or by saying “Hey Google” to
Their watch can do anything, from setting the thermostat to taking pictures
Notifications from the Nest Doorbell when someone or a package arrives

The latest Wear OS offers a wide range of opportunities for fitness and health apps.
Platform and hardware upgrades. Google Pixel Watch includes Fitbit’s amazing
health and fitness features, including accurate heart rate tracking with
Deep optimization and machine learning on-device down to the processor
level. Key metrics such as heart rate and breathing rate can be accessed by users.
You can rate your sleep quality, variability, and much more on the Google Pixel Watch.
This improved data opens up more possibilities for fitness and health
Applications that offer meaningful insight and user experiences

Wear OS updates and Google Pixel Watch improvements
building differentiated app experiences more tangible. These are the apps that use them.
You have the potential to delight and excite users.

Get started

Google Pixel Watch adds to the already impressive Wear OS.
device ecosystem. There are many benefits to using improved APIs, tools and exciting new hardware.
There is never a better time to start your Wear OS App. You can start by
Get started with our curated development platform, Compose for Wear OS.
Learn how to learn
You can follow the steps-by-step journey to learn. Check out this link for more information.
This includes a guideline and practical experience.
Wear OS Codelab: Compose!

Find out more about the
OS Session
Google I/O: Get the most recent and greatest Wear OS news from Google
Participate in the technical and keynote sessions of the next conference
Android Developer Summit!

Find out more information about the MBG announcements. You can find the official
here. Get started now with another form factor that is coming to Pixel
The ecosystem is the Google Pixel Tablet.
Optimizing your tablet app!


1. Google Pixel Tablet is not approved as required by the
regulations of the Federal Communications Commission (or other regulators). This
Device may not be sold until it is required by law
Autorisations were obtained.

2. Requires compatible smart home devices (sold separately).

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