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Apple’s iPad is now the cheapest, and it uses USB-C. The iPhone remains the last Lightning device.


Since its inception, the iPad Pro and Air have been a bit behind the rest. The iPad Pro, iPad Air and iPad Mini all have made the transition to Apple’s new design language and nonproprietary USB-C charger, but the iPad regular has remained faithful to its old look, Lightning charging and a plain-ol’ iPad until the release of the 9th-generation tablet. Today, Apple announced a redesigned iPad that brings the device more in line with what we’ve come to expect of gadgets in the 2020s — but it also comes with a considerable price increase.


It looks very similar to the fifth and fourth generation iPad Airs. The new iPad 10th-generation has the same squared edges and rounded corners as the previous model. It also features a 10.9 inch display which is slightly larger than the 10.2-inch panel on the older model. The new iPad, like all Apple tablets of today, has a USB C port on the bottom that can be used for data and charging. It’s powered by the A14 Bionic chipet, which was also used in the iPhone 12 (pre-M1) iPad Air. You can choose from four different colors including a vibrantly yellow or red option.

Apple was bound to make the move given the EU’s vote to require USB-C charging for many consumer electronics starting in 2024. But the redesign also comes with other niceties, like TouchID built into the tablet’s side-mounted power button, and a selfie camera that’s centered when the tablet is in landscape orientation — an infinitely better layout for video calls. The keyboard case has been redesigned and looks very similar to what? Samsung Offers for your Galaxy Tab devices.

The new iPad is only compatible with the first-generation Apple Pencil, which itself charges over Lightning — originally by sticking straight into the port on the bottom of its paired iPad. This is not feasible with the new iPad. Apple offers a charger dongle which plugs in to the USB-C port on the 10th-gen iPad. This is a not the most elegant of designs, but it’s still a good workaround, especially since the iPad doesn’t have the magnetic charging pad that the Apple Pencil used.

This change is not without cost. Although the 9th-generation iPad retails for $330, the new 10th-generation will sell for an impressive $450. Although the price increase is reasonable considering all of its upgrades, it will still be quite expensive for Apple lovers who are on a tight budget. Apple has stated that it will continue to sell the old model in conjunction with the new one for the moment.

Pre-orders for the 10th generation iPad are available from Apple beginning today and general availability on October 26.

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