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How to prevent photos and videos taking up too much space on your smartphone

Change to Video Starting at CameraOnce again tap the cog, the resolutions and frames per second rates will be displayed as overlays above the camera viewfinder. These options will differ depending on which phone you have. The smaller the resolution, the lower frame rates, the smaller the file size.

If you’re using the default camera app on Samsung’s phones, with the Photo Mode enabled. Tap the third icon to the right of the screen in portrait orientation. To see your options, swipe over. Scroll over Video To change the resolution or file size, tap the icon at the top.

Google Photos allows you to delete some local storage quickly. To do this, simply tap on the profile picture in the top right and choose Make space Confirm the action. You will be notified how much storage you have freed up by the app.


For the smallest files, choose High Efficiency iOS.

Apple via David Nield

If you’re on an iPhone, you can access the camera quality settings by opening the Settings screen and tapping Camera Then Formats. Select High Efficiency Instead of The Most Compatible if you want to keep file sizes as low as possible—this will use Apple’s favored, optimized HEIF/HEVC formats rather than the more standard JPEG/H.264 ones, and the setting covers video as well as images.

Depending on the model of iPhone you’re using, you might see Apple ProRAW Images Apple ProRes For videos, toggle switches are below. There is also a resolution option. Note that these toggle switches only control whether or not these modes are available as buttons in the Camera app—to actually enable or disable them, you need to do it from the shutter screen when you’ve launched the camera.

Back on the Camera options screen, you’ll see there are further options for the resolution and frame rate that your iPhone uses when capturing video: Tap Record Video To make modifications. You can make changes to the list depending on your iPhone model. However, the first format listed will show the resolution and frame rates that take up the most space.

There’s one more option worth mentioning when it comes to saving space on your iPhone. Tap Settings. Photos And then iPhone Storage Optimization: If your images and videos are being backed up to iCloud and there’s not much room left on your device, iOS will keep lower resolution copies of your files locally to save space (with full resolution copies still available in iCloud).

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