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Best Veterinary Telemedicine Services Available for Your Pet

If you already use Blue Buffalo products, you can redeem points—earned by doing basic things in the app, like setting up a pet profile or speaking with a Pet Buff—for treats and food. Talk to your veterinarian if you are considering changing. Also, be aware of the possibility that a lawsuit will be filed against Blue Buffalo for misleadingly advertising their ingredients as being healthy. The company could not comment on this ongoing matter. Blue Buffalo is not something I feed my cats, however we like it. free service.) 

Additional great services

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For: You can find vets who are in-network to organize your pet’s health information
Accessible on iOS, Android
Cost: Variable depending on the practice. App organization features may vary. free

PetDesk, a telemedicine application with an added bonus, is PetDesk. You can connect to your pet’s veterinarian via video chat. It also allows you to easily keep track of all your pets’ medications and appointments.

You can find all of your pet’s details in one place, such as name, contact information, emergency hospitals and groomers, along with information about vets and preferred animal hospitals. The homepage allows you to view the current openings, call, visit the relevant websites and, in certain cases, request an appointment or initiate a video chat.

A pet profile allows you to save your health records as well as prescriptions. The To-Do tab allows you to create reminders and schedule appointments for your pet’s checkups, such as restocking their food or supplies and giving them medication. It is also possible to request birthday notifications. Virtual appointments can only be made by an approved vet, but anyone can access the service. free The pet owner can access their records through the medical dashboard.

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For: Emergencies—when you need answers to general questions instantly
Accessible on Web, iOS, Android
Cost: $10 per Month

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