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TikTok Ready: The GoPro Hero 11 Black Is Available

I found the Hero 11 Black to be far more exciting than the Star Trails feature, which is something that I dread. You’re probably familiar with the difficulty of stacking hundreds of photos to create star trails. This new feature will blow you away. The Hero 11 is capable of creating perfect star trail videos in just one button. Another advantage is the ability of pulling out 24 MP stills.

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There are also new software options like a Light Painting mode for those who want to play with flashlights, or a Vehicle Light Trails mode that turns nighttime cars lights into rivers and streams of red and white.

The GoPro now has two modes: Easy and Professional. This is in keeping with GoPro’s goal of making it easier for users. Easy mode is the default setting for the camera. This allows users to use the interface in a simplified way that doesn’t require them to dig into color settings or other details. It’s easy to change to Pro if you’re a professional or just used the old interface.

The Hero 11 doesn’t have a feature like this, but you can control Auto Highlights video. To turn Auto Upload on, you must be a GoPro subscriber.

The Quik app will then automatically create edits, and you can save them to the Quik application. While this has been known for quite some time, GoPro now offers the option to edit Auto Highlight video directly from your smartphone. While you’ll be editing a proxy of low resolution, it will also send high-res versions to other apps when exported or shared. This should solve my biggest problem with Quik. It’s too big for my phone. Unfortunately, this was not possible to test at the time I wrote this review.

GoPro will also be introducing the Hero 11 Black Mini, which is an upgraded Hero 11 Black camera in a small form factor without screens. It doesn’t allow you to see your footage, or even to frame the shot. You can also pair the Quik app to frame your footage that way. That might sound strange, but for many of GoPro’s core use cases—that is, the people that really do strap GoPros to their body and go surfing or climbing or motocross riding—the weight savings and streamlined form factor trump screens. A screen is invisible if it’s not on your head.

The Mini has another thing I love. Leica introduced a digital rangefinder without a screen a while ago. This means that there’s no way to view your photos. Although the Leica is prohibitively expensive, I liked its message: Shoot! Stop checking to see if you “got the shot.” The Hero 11 Mini reminds me of that ethos. GoPro’s Head of Product pointed out that it’s not like other cameras where you have to stand at a distance to capture your kid’s party. Instead, it’s a camera that you can stick in the corner and push record to get back to your daily life.

Despite all that, the Hero 11 Mini was not tested by me. For most people, I believe the Hero 11 Black action camera is the best. Do you think upgrading the Hero 10 is worth it? It depends on how much vertical space you require in your shots. It’s definitely worth investing in the Hero 11 if your goal is to edit video into different formats.

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