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This gaming headset delivers low-latency audio even during intense matches

After publication, prices and availability of deals are subject to change.

TL;DR: You can now purchase a pair Innodude Gaming Wireless Earphones starting Oct. 16.(Opens in a new window) for just $43.99 instead of $49 — that’s a 10% discount.

Earphones of the ordinary variety might not be enough if you are in the thick of a fierce online battle. Low latency is essential for gamers who need to be able to pick up small details, such as footsteps or enemy reloading around the corner. If you’ve been in the market for a pair of wireless headphones that won’t break the bank, the Innodude Gaming Wireless Earphones(opens in new tab They might just be right for you. For a short time, they’re on sale at $43.99 

Innodude Gaming wireless earphones can improve your gaming experience. They offer an ultra-low latency connection — we’re talking 60ms input latency — so you shouldn’t run into issues like audio stuttering and desync. These are ideal for competitive gaming but can be used casually to listen to music or watch videos.

The dynamic 13mm drivers(opens in another tab) The Bluetooth 5.0 connection delivers crystal-clear sound that is immersive and can enhance the listening experience regardless of what activity you may be engaged in. Bluetooth 5.0 provides stability while using less power. The included case can charge the earbuds for as long as 40 hours. 

They offer more convenience than competitors and provide a truly unique listening experience. You can change the track and volume with a touch button, or even activate the voice assistant on your smartphone. Auto-pairing is a time saver as Innodude headphones automatically pair with the device that was paired when they are powered up.

These earphones are so eye-catching that you may get compliments while wearing them. These earphones won’t look like any other AirPods. 

You can now enjoy flawless sound with the Innodude Gaming Wireless Earphones on Sale Now for Only $43.99(Opens in a new window).

Prices are subject to change.

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