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Incredible STEM Toys For Techie Children in Your Life

Anybody who’s done it. Anyone who has ever seen a child disassemble a Tupperware container drawer in a methodical fashion should be aware that children can become engineers by being exposed to their natural abilities. Your only job as a parent is to nurture their creativity … and clean up the mess afterward. Scott Gilbertson is a product reviewer and Adrienne So is the editor. We have seven children. This, honestly, is the most fun part of my job—calling in toys for my kids and I to test together and recommend to you. It doesn’t feel like work.

Grab a few of these STEM toys. We love Arts too! You can also get books and other materials for your scientist friend to use. They’ll be grateful for your early support when they get older. You can also check out our other buying guides such as Our Favorite Subscription Boxes to Kids and Best Gear for Traveling with Kids.

Oct 2022 Update: ClicBot, Legendary Card Collection and QUBS Cody Block were added.

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