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AirPod deep cleaning pens are on sale at $15

Prices and availability are subject to alter after publication.

TL;DR: You can now purchase these Apple AirPod Deep Cleaner pen (2-pack), as of October 16.(opens in new tab for just $14.99 instead of $29.95 — that’s a 49% discount.

AirPods became increasingly popular in 2016 when they first appeared on the market. AirPods have become increasingly popular since their debut in 2016. There is one problem with these earbuds. Earwax buildup. That was not possible with the old over-ear headphones. This particular tool was created to eliminate wax buildup(opens in new tab In the AirPods’ crevices. It is possible to cause irritation and infection within your ears by using earwax or other materials in your earbuds.

These two packs of Apple AirPod Deep Cleaner pen are perfect for cleaning your earbuds.(opens in new tab They are in perfect condition. The pens can be carried in your pocket, handbag or backpack and are light enough that you can easily clean them. The pens are constructed with premium materials and won’t scratch or damage your AirPods.

It consists of the following: a cleaning brush for the charging holes, on the top, a soft brush for the sides, and the tip for getting in the small slots. The pen-shaped AirPod cleaners can be used for cleaning other digital devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers, cameras and many more.

These Apple AirPod Deep Cleaner Pens (2-pack), will keep your earbuds as clean and healthy as possible.(opens in new tabFor a limited period, enjoy 49% savings on this item for only $14.99

Prices are subject to change.

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