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Stephen King shows you what Mr. Harrigan’s Phone really means?

Not all messages sent from the dead can be decoded easily.

Stephen King fans will have likely seen the movie adaptation. Telephone number of Mr. Harrigan on Netflix over the weekend — a story about a lonely boy, Craig (Jaeden Martell), who befriends an elderly billionaire called Mr Harrigan (Donald Sutherland), introducing the man to the world of smartphones before he eventually passes away.


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Is that the hook? Craig realizes that Harrigan has his cellphone in his pocket and can talk to him beyond his grave.

King’s book or the film will tell you that the messages are cryptic and that the meaning of the message is not always clear.

King decided to take to Twitter on Wednesday in order to collect the opinions of his fellow Twitter users.

Notable is the fact that Craig guessed the last message “CCC ST” to be “Craig stop” after calling on My Harrigan for help in taking care of him in the realm of the living. King’s tweet inspired a wide range of responses from his fans.

According to promise, the author returned next day to provide his interpretation.

You see, it makes sense. Mr Harrigan is sending Craig his love from beyond the grave, but he’s also expressing discomfort — either from the effort he’s going to to respond to Craig’s messages, his effort to solve Craig’s IRL problems, or both. He tells Craig to stop asking for too many things.

How come the codes are used to transmit messages? King explained it, as well.

The Phone Number of Mr Harrigan Netflix currently streams this video(opens in new tab.

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