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The Netflix agreement with BARB is not about ‘Stranger Things,’ but ratings

Netflix has pulled back the curtains on its ratings performance in the UK.

Broadcasters’ Audit Research Board (aka BARB), revealed that Netflix signed up for their service. The BARB measures the ratings of UK channels including Channel 4 and ITV.

This announcement marks a change in how the streaming platform works. The company is known for being notoriously ad-supported.freeThe company plans to remain in business. Netflix has seen a steady decline in customers over the years. Netflix lost over a million subscribers last year. Even with big hits such as Stranger Things And Tiger KingNetflix is struggling to keep up with other streaming services like Prime Video, Disney+ and HBO Max.


Amazon’s NFL games are a good example of how popular live streaming is

Netflix is not like Amazon or Disney, which are funded by advertising dollars. Instead, its only source of revenue is from subscriptions. At least, not yet. According to reports, Netflix will launch a new ad-supported tier that is lower in cost starting November. BARB was invited to the party. BARB’s website describes how advertisers use ratings data to “support the planning and purchasing of advertising campaigns and to evaluate the brand and sales results of these campaigns.”

Before this deal, Netflix reported its numbers on its own. Self-reporting won’t cut it for streaming platforms looking to make sweet and sweet ads.

As tech companies vie for the streaming viewing market, stream wars become increasingly competitive. They’re spending big bucks To get advertisers onboard. Amazon purchased streaming rights for Thursday Night Football from Nielsen for $1 billion each year (that’s billion plus a “B”) and partnered up with Nielsen ratings agency to ensure the same credibility that has been demanded of cable and broadcast channels over the decades.


Prime wins early with Amazon’s NFL wager

Netflix is anticipating November to be a major month. It has an ad-supported Tier, BARB Ratings, and its fifth season. Crown. We’ll see how Lizzie, dearly departed, will impact its viewers.

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