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The 66 Absolute Best Prime Day Deals

Amazon is Back with a second Prime Day this October. Technically, it’s called the Prime Early Access Sale, but let’s be real—it’s Prime Day 2. Now we’re in the final stretch. Prime Day 2 will end at 11:59 PM Pacific. Similar to the July event, Prime subscribers are the most likely to get the best deals, though there are discounts available for all members. After hours of searching through thousands upon thousands of offers, these are the deals that we love on Wired-tested gear. These range from robot vacuums and Alexa-enabled speakers to tablets and laptops.

WIRED Gear tests all year. These picks were made after sorting through thousands of products. Crossed-out products are out of stock or no longer discounted. You can avoid poor deals with our Prime Day Shopping Tips page and Amazon Prime Day Coverage. You can also check our live blog for the latest Lightning Deals. You can also get a 1-year subscription to WIRED for $5 here.

Last updated October 12, 2022. We have added deals on Anker MagSafe chargers, LifeStraw water filters, Brooklinen blankets, Amazon gift cards, Covid-19 rapid tests, Honeywell masks and the Echo Glow at the lowest prices. 

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Are you looking for even more great deals? Here’s a separate list of great deals in the kitchen and home. 

Vitamix 750

Photograph: Vitamix

There are blenders, and then there are Vitamix blenders. Although I was initially skeptical of the Vitamix, Joe Ray (my Gear reviewer) convinced me that it made me a better blender. The blender is essentially a blade on top of a motor. The motor does the rest. Vitamix’s motor is what makes it so great. It is costly, but the value it offers is well worth it. The pulse blend function is included in this new version of the 5200. 

If you’re a Prime Member who hasn’t bought a gift card in the last 12 months, you can get $10 in Amazon bucks with this deal. Enter code NEWGC2022 at checkout to apply this offer.

Foodsaver vacuum sealers are the best way to save food. While we don’t have the right model to test, our Foodsaver vacuum sealer is still in great condition 10 years after I purchased it. Also, vacuum bags available for sale at $25 ($11).

We’ve never seen this price for KitchenAid’s small stand mixer in six months. While it may not be as big as the larger 6-quart model, it still packs a punch and occupies less counter space. You can also move it in and out easily.

Instant Pot Pro 6 Quart

Photograph: Instant Pot

This is a slight downgrade from our favorite Instant Pot, but it’s still a solid option if you’re in the market for a multicooker. You can use it to steam, pressure cook and sous vide.

Braun MultiServe 8/10 (Wired Recommends): This high-end full-pot coffee machine can make single-cup coffees and is our favourite way to get rid of the overuse of K-Cups. While it isn’t as straightforward as Nespresso machines or Keurigs, it does work well.

We like Kasa’s smart plugs, even though we have not tried this model. For a 4-pack, this is an excellent price. You will only be able to use this feature on 2.5-GHz bands. This means that if your Wi-Fi network doesn’t permit you to select a band, then you might need to make a guest network in order to setup these devices. You can find more ideas in our Best Smart Plugs Guide.

Colgate Hum

Photograph: Colgate

The Hum nabbed our top recommendation in the Best Electric Toothbrushes guide and a 9/10, WIRED Recommends review score, thanks to its well-featured companion app that presents information on your brushing habits without being pushy about it. The data is saved for up to 10 day so that you have access at all times before the 10-day expires.

SimpliSafe, a popular home monitoring system, has a range of bundles available for Prime Day. The bundles are simple to install, extend, and customize. They also proved reliable in our testing. There are no monthly fees for those who don’t choose to sign up for the optional monitored safety plan.

Atlas Coffee Club is one of our favorite coffee subscription services, and right now you can get a subscription for 20 percent off through Amazon. Atlas typically delivers single-origin coffee beans from different countries every month along with tasting notes and postcards. The deal includes a 4-pack variety pack so you can have a taste before you buy.

Petcube Play 2

Photograph: Amazon

This compact cube-shaped pet cam is marketed toward cats (lasers aren’t the best option for dogs), and they’ll likely have a blast using the Petcube Play 2. It records at 1080p, and offers real-time communication.  You can find more options in our Best Pet Cameras Guide.

Here’s an updated Furbo version. Although the camera pans differently, the original version retains many of the great features.

Julian Chokkattu is a WIRED review editor who has been using the purifier for some time and loves it. Although it is a bit larger than you might expect, it will clean your 517 square-foot space in just 26 minutes. They are expensive. The Smartmi app can connect to it for remote control (and supports Alexa and Google Assistant). 

Hatch Restore

Photograph: Hatch

The Hatch is pricey, but it includes a sunrise alarm clock and digital clock face. It is possible to program both night and morning routines and select between sleep and alarm sounds. You can control sounds and lighting via the app. However, the device has small controls for volume and brightness. See our guide to the best sound machines  for more details.

Now is the best time to purchase a kit if you have ever desired to obtain your DNA ancestry information. Although 23andMe’s Ancestry is a favorite, we have reservations about other DNA tests. The WIRED Guide To Genetic Testing has more information and background about what you are signing up for.

Hatch Rest offers a more affordable option. It combines sound machine, night-light, and two additional features that are useful for kids: time to rest and time to rise lights. The clock can also be dimmed and controlled by Wi-Fi.

Upright Go S

Photograph: Upright

It’d be nice if someone reminded you every time you hunched. The next best thing  is the Upright Go S. Just place this little rectangle on your back, either through adhesive strips or a necklace (we recommend getting the necklace), calibrate it through the app, and forget about it. If it sees you slumping for more than a set amount of time it vibrates to alert you to stand up straighter. 

Ion Style+ models have 1″ plates. This is an ideal size to curl your hair naturally and straighten your hair. I (Medea) currently use the similar 1.25-inch Ion Smooth+ model ($125), which is also a good choice if you are used to maneuvering bigger tools (it even comes in hot pink). 

Brooklinen’s 48 inch wide weighted throw blanket comes in a variety of natural colors, to match with your living space furniture. Brooklinen has a fantastic return policy. You have an entire year to decide whether this blanket is for you.

iHealth Covid-19 Antigen Test

Photograph: Amazon

We’re not in the clear yet of the Covid-19 virus, and it’s a good idea to keep some rapid tests at home. We’ve never seen a lower price for one of our most simple tests. Two nasal swabs are included in the package, along with two solution vials and two test cassettes. In about fifteen minutes, your results should be available after you’ve swabbed each nostril.

These are the top respirators available right now. With this mask, you’ll get multilayer absorption, a soft inner lining, and latex-free head straps. Because of its soft foam nose tabletow, it’s comfortable and can be worn for long periods.

The Petcube dog treat camera is rectangular in shape with an aluminum base, and comes with a plastic bin. The mounting kit is included to secure the mount on the wall. This makes it a better choice than the Furbo. That means it won’t take up counter space in your kitchen— you don’t have to devote a shrine to your dog in the corner of your living room.

Stasher bags are loved by the WIRED Gear Team. You don’t need to buy single-use ziplock bags. Instead, get a few silicone bags. These silicone bags are microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe. You can even use them for sous vide cooking if that’s your, ahem, bag.

Prime Day is the best time to pick up a new Amazon device, whether it’s a Kindle, Fire tablet, or Echo speaker—they’re unlikely to get cheaper than this. Our roundup of the best Prime Day deals on Amazon Devices includes a comprehensive list. You can find more detail in our Best Kindles, Best Fire Tablets, Best Alexa Speakers and Best Kindles reviews.

Fire HD 10

Photograph: Amazon

All the Fire Tablets are on sale right now, but the Fire HD 10 (7/10, WIRED Recommends) is the largest, speediest, and best for most people. This screen is larger than the others and has 1080p more pixels, which makes it easier to watch videos. Show Mode lets you turn the screen into an Echo Show so that Alexa can be commanded from anywhere in the room. If you need more power, the Fire HD 10 Plus for $105 ($75 off), bumps the RAM to 4 GB and adds wireless charging.

Amazon has just released the Fire HD 8 tablet. It is currently available to preorder. But, if your goal is to get a budget-friendly tablet, you can still grab this 2020 model. With a relatively small size and USB-C connectivity, the Fire HD 8 series is almost as versatile as its bigger sibling. It’s portable enough to take with you anywhere, and its screen won’t torture your eyes when you watch Netflix. Even better, you can use this guide to get the Google Play Store installed. It’s far more powerful than what it came with.

Fire TV 4K

Photograph: Amazon 

We like the Fire Stick 4K Max for its Wi-Fi 6 support and picture-in-picture feature (allowing you, for example, to check a security camera feed while you watch TV). The Alexa voice remote also works great. The Fire TV Stick Lite, which costs $12 (or $18 less), is another option. Amazon Prime content will be the focus of Fire Sticks, which you’ll find on their homepage. While there are many apps available for streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime should not be the first streaming service you use. 

We’ve never seen a better price for Echo Glow. You can pair the Echo with another Echo device to control it, as well as using the Alexa app. You can also use it as a sound system with the built-in speakers.

We love the Amazon Echo Show 8, our favourite Alexa-powered smart device. This 8-inch display is perfect for viewing movies and reading recipes. It also has an auto-pan/zoom feature, which keeps you in the frame. The compact dimensions make it an ideal addition to any kitchen countertop or nightstand. The price is $5 less than on Prime Day. 

Photograph: Amazon

We think the latest Paperwhites are the best e-reader for most people. They are waterproof and more powerful than the Oasis. The Signature Edition was our favorite (8/10 WIRED Recommends), however all three models have larger 6.8 inch screens and smaller bezels. They are larger at max brightness and feature adjustable warm lighting. If you can afford it, we suggest going for the ad-free model.

You can set time limits and filter out explicit content with the Echo Dot Kids Edition. It also allows you to review activities. Amazon Kids+ is included for a year and the sphere in tiger colors costs only $5 per month.

Laptop, Gaming, and Accessory Deals

We’ve got more tech deals in our Best Laptop, Phone, and TV Deals roundup.

Surface Laptop 4

Photograph: Microsoft 

Our favorite Surface device for most people, this Surface Laptop 4 comes with 16 GB of RAM, a 256-GB SSD, and AMD’s Ryzen 5 processor. It features an impressive 13.5-inch display with high-resolution and elegant keyboard. The trackpad is made of glass. 

The M2 Air is our favorite budget Macbook, and it’s even more affordable right now. The newer M2 Air is more powerful, but we still recommend the M1 MacBook Air if you’re on a tight budget. This model features 8 GB RAM and an SSD of 256 GB. If you are not working with video editing or other graphics-intensive activities, then the M1 chips should be sufficient.

The 13 inch, 2-in-1 touchscreen Chromebook from Lenovo features an Intel Core i3 CPU, 4 GB RAM and a 64-GB SSD. The Chromebook is fast enough to browse the internet, watch videos and do light office work. The 13-inch IPS display has a nice antiglare finish, though it’s not very bright—just bright enough to use outside. For more choices, see our Best Chromebooks Guide.

HP Pavilion x360

Photograph: HP

The HP Pavilion line has been a series of reliable, if somewhat boring, laptops for what seems like ages now. The Best Budget Laptops Guide has this model. The 11th-generation Intel Core i5 CPU is featured. It also features integrated graphics and plenty of ports, including two USB-As and one USB-C. There’s even an HDMI and an SD card reader. Battery life is our only complaint, although it is not terrible.

The 2021 Swift 3 was initially a great choice, but the price tag started to get a bit higher. The notebook is now more affordable. The notebook features a strong Intel Core i7 processor, 8 GB RAM and 256-GB storage. It also has a slim, minimalist design that boasts a 1,920 x 1,080-pixel IPS LCD screen.

The Dell XPS 13 remains one of our favourite ultrabooks. The base model is available at a respectable $750. This model has the same specs as the previous, but with the 12-generation Intel Chip and the 1920×1200 Pixel display. This is the Dell XPS 13 Plus model, with a completely different design. For $1,200, you can get the Intel i7 model which has 16 gigabytes worth of RAM.

We are proud to include the 16 inch version of this slim, sleek LG laptop in our Top Laptops Guide. At 2.5 pounds, you’ll barely notice this machine in your bag. Other specs include a 12-generation Intel i7 CPU, 16 gigabytes RAM and a 512GB SSD. This makes it a very powerful notebook at this price.

Logitech G413 Keyboard

Photograph: Logitech

Our favorite mechanical keyboard under $100 (see our favorite keyboards guide), the Logitech G413 has the same muted black chassis, responsive mechanical switches, and Lightsync RGB lighting that you’ll find in much more expensive Logitech models. It’s an excellent pick if you’re not interested in a decked-out gaming keyboard, or you’re just getting started.

While it may not be as protected as LaCie’s legendary rugged drives but it delivers almost the same speed as LaCie, and is cheaper. It has an IP65 rating, which means it’s fine in the rain and protected from dust and sand, and Samsung says it’ll survive a fall from 9.8 feet (though take this with a grain of salt). The T7 line is notable for its built-in security features like hardware-based encryption, but unlike the Touch model, the Shield does not have a fingerprint reader. You can find more choices in our Best Portable Storage Drives guide if you are looking for a drive.

Crucial X6

Photograph: Crucial

These Crucial drives are my favorite portable drives. They’re reasonably priced (for a portable SSD),  lightweight, and very speedy. It’s fast enough for me to save video clips and edit them straight from the drive. A case is a must, but the downside to this plastic design might be that it costs $14.

The rugged SanDisk drive weighs in at just 2.2 lbs and has an IP22-rated enclosure that can withstand daily use. Although it isn’t the most expensive drive, we found that it was very fast in our tests. This drive is the perfect choice for those who need to be able to quickly get things done in the field.

It is very popular among Twitch streamers. It lets you automate basic tasks—like switching scenes and going live—but you can actually use it for all sorts of things. It can be used with IFTTT for controlling Zoom calls and posting Instagram photos.

Razer Kiyo X

Photograph: Razer

Our top webcam pick for most people is on sale. The updated model has a better camera software and eliminates the integrated ringlight. The Razer Synapse app can adjust video picture settings, however, the Kiyo X is stunning straight out of the box. 

The multiport hub can be used with MacBooks and will fit both USB-C ports left of compatible devices. There’s a compatibility list on the webpage—we’ve tested it with the M1 MacBook Air from 2020, but it’s not a sure fit with 2021 or 2022 MacBooks, especially since they have a MagSafe charging port on the same side. The adapter can charge up to 100W and it has a MicroSD card reader and a 4K HDMI connection. 

We have never seen this card at a lower price. The card can record 4K video at a speed of up to 720p (I used it extensively to record GoPro Hero 11’s 5.3K) and will also extend the shooting time due its huge storage capacity.

ObVus Solutions Laptop Stand

Photograph: ObVus Solutions

This is the cheapest we’ve seen this stand get. ObVus Solutions Tower has a sleek, sturdy design. You can raise it to different heights. This means that the tower will work in almost any home or office. You can often find it on sale but not at this price.

The biggest problem with portable chargers, is that you often forget to charge them. Anker has created a clever device that solves this problem by incorporating a portable charger into a charging station. The charger attaches to any MagSafe iPhone’s back and charges it wirelessly. It can be used to recharge or charge other devices via its USB-C port.

Photograph: Apple

The 2022 iPad Air (8/10, WIRED Recommends) now packs an M1 processor, the very same that powers the iPad Pro and the MacBook Air, making this hands-down the most powerful tablet for the money. We have never seen this price before.

For most users, this is an excellent deal on the current iPad. It’s actually the best price we have seen. Apple has made the iPad more affordable over the years. The new model might be out in the near future, which could make it available for Black Friday.

Our favorite Apple Watch is the Apple Watch Series 8 (8/10 WIRED Recommends), which has already gone on sale. The 41mm model is available for $349. The new Watch SE is a good choice for most people. However, this watch also includes electrocardiograms, an always-on display and a skin temperature sensor. This allows you to track your period better, monitor your heart rate, and measure blood oxygen levels. For more recommendations, see our Best Apple Watch Accessories guide. 

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 and Z Flip4

Photograph: Samsung

It costs a fortune. It folds. It folds! Android The improved multitasking makes it easier to use 12L on larger screens. The battery life is good, and you get a bright, smooth screen—no crease on the fold.

The smaller of Samsung’s folding phones, the Z Flip4 feels like a “normal” phone when it’s unfolded, but fold it up and it’ll slip into some small pockets. It’s almost like a StarTak, but with a real screen. You can use the battery for a day or two, but it won’t last that long. Still, if you’ve been wanting a folding phone, this deal is the cheapest we’ve seen.

You can get a free $100 Amazon gift card if you preorder Google’s new smartphone. It can be used to buy a case, wireless headphones, or any other item you want. You can get everything the Pixel 7 needs, including wireless charging and a beautiful 90-Hz AMOLED display. Learn more.

The Google Pixel 6A (8/10, WIRED Recommends) is our favorite Android phone, and it also earned our top pick as the Best Cheap Phone. This deal is the lowest we’ve seen. Even when it’s not on sale, the Pixel 6A offers incredible value, with great performance, excellent cameras, impressive battery life, and a nice display. If you’re in the market for a new smartphone, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better deal than this. You can also get the Pixel 6 Pro for $649, which is $250 off. This device has better camera capabilities and is larger than its predecessor. 

The OnePlus smartphone (7/10 WIRED Recommends), is fast, bright, 120-Hz screen refresh rate, good software support, and very responsive. Its cameras are not as good as the likes of the Pixel 6 or Galaxy S22. The price is higher than that of the Google Pixel 7, which was just announced.

Headphone, Speaker, and TV Deals

These deals just scratch the tip of the iceberg. For more information, be sure to check out our Best TVs and Best Soundbars as well as Best Wireless Headphones guides. You may also find our guide How to Choose the Right TV helpful.

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700

Photograph: Bose

These are some of the best headphones around for the office. They not only silence overly chattering coworkers and typists but also provide outstanding calling quality. Thanks to Bose’s advanced signal processing and the 700’s four microphones, the person you’re calling will think you’re in a library even when you’re in a crowded open office. 

This Polk soundbar is a great way to improve your TV viewing experience. Polk is known for making quality audio products. This slim soundbar comes with a wireless speaker and can be easily placed in any living room.

It is one of our top picks for TVs in bright rooms. At 75 inches, this deal represents a significant savings. QN90B (Wired Recommends 8/10) has a slim, elegant design with mini LED backlighting that gives excellent contrast, even in bright spaces. For gaming, the screen can refresh at 120 Hz.

JBL Bar 5

Photograph: JBL

This Dolby Atmos-enabled soundbar allows you to get pretty immersive sound from a single unit, thanks to speakers that bounce sound off your walls and ceiling. This is an excellent deal for anyone looking to improve their home theater’s audio system.

This variant of the X80J, we think is the best TV for money. The price was $2,000.01 on day 1. This is a great choice for large living spaces or larger family gatherings where you only want one thing to be viewed.

We love the Beats Fit Pro (Wired Recommends 9/10) as our favourite workout buds. They are soft with elegant fins and have comfortable ear tips. They have the Apple H1 chip and pair seamlessly with Apple products, but they also have a great app for Android that includes one-touch pairing, customized controls, and a fit test. 

Even cheaper than our top choice for noise canceling headphones below $100 right now is the cheapest. These headphones are affordable and can be used to reduce the sound of trains and planes. You should be cautious with these as they are fragile. The plastic headband could crack if it is sat on.

Outdoor and Fitness Deals

Lifestraw Water Filter

Photograph: Amazon

LifeStraw’s Personal Water Filter has long been a hit with WIRED readers. It’s easy to use, just take a sip from it and filter 99.9% of the waterborne bacteria. This will allow you to drink up 1,000 gallons. A slightly modified version is also available for $15.

LifeStraw has yet to test their water bottle, however it is similar in function and price.

It’s a great deal on a Forerunner Series watch. The Forerunner 735XL has GPS, is water-resistant to 50 meters, and pairs with your Android or iOS smartphone. It is similar to Garmin 235 which is one the most popular running watches, however the 735XL adds swimming support.

Insta360 One RS

Photograph: Insta360

If you want an action cam and a 360 camera, Insta360’s One RS (8/10, WIRED Recommends) is a good way to go. With the brand new side-opening cases, swapping lenses is easy. This camera is more versatile than the GoPro’s interchangeable lens system. 

Insta360’s One RS 8/10 WIRED Recommends brings interchangeable lenses for the action camera. The standard action camera lens is featured in this version. It compares very well to the GoPro Hero Series cameras. See our Best Action Cameras guide for more details.

This is our top pick for most campers in ]([our tent guide]( The tent is simple to set up and provides three-season comfort. The price used to be lower, but not in six months. If you are looking for a tent that is more durable, this is the right time.

Kids Toys and Educational Games

Photograph: Amazon

Translucent Magna-Tiles click together to form both two-dimensional shapes and three-dimensional objects. These toys are loved by every child I know and they keep them busy for hours. Parents, did you know that? Hours. Occupied. PicassoTiles offers a discount for people with limited budgets. For only $34 (or 14%), you can get a 100-piece set. Both were used by my children, and although the Magna-Tile lasts a bit longer than the others, it’s still a good choice. It has gone out of stock several times so you might want to try again.

Melissa & Doug’s wooden toys were a staple in our house when my kids were younger. This set of wooden food groups was very popular. Other sets are also available for purchase.

This model has not been tested by us, however we love Osmo’s tools and games for their integration of digital and physical objects. Although this price is quite reasonable, we’ve seen it fall as low as $35. You will need an iPad in order to use the kit. You can also purchase other Osmo kit if you don’t like this one.

To be totally honest my kids have always liked the open-ended LEGO brick sets better than the themed sets like this, but the one exception to that is Star Wars sets. A Y-wing is a must have for anyone. It used to be quite common for this set to drop to such a low price, but not in nearly one year. This makes it an excellent deal.

Retailer Sale Pages

Other stores have started offering competing deals that don’t require an Amazon Prime membership (and others likely will). Below is a list of potential merchants to join the fray. 

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