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Paramount+: How to stream live UEFA Champions League soccer

The Champions League is a soccer competition where winning and almost-winning soccer clubs across Europe play for continental glory. It can be streamed live on Paramount+ in the USA. 

Gone are the days when your only hope of catching these prestigious Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) match-ups was to hope and pray that your club’s big game was being carried by some obscure sports-oriented cable channel, often without any promotion or fanfare. CBS Sports and CBS All Access announced a deal in 2019, which allowed all of the action to be streamed on CBS Sports. 

This deal was slightly modified and has been confirmed. Paramount+ is the streaming service, while the overall broadcasting agreement was extended through 2030 earlier in this year.

Paramount+ is the best option for Champions League soccer in America.

Paramount+: Watch Champions League Soccer

Paramount+ is $4.99 per month and every game you see live on it.(Opens in a new window) for the base tier, which is all you need — and that’s after taking advantage of a one-week free trial. You can subscribe to stream the video in your browser or download it on your smart TV or mobile phone.

It can sometimes be frustrating to stream live sports because of broadcast agreements that may prevent certain services from accessing certain features. However, Paramount+ gives Champions League streamers the ability to use DVR-like options such as pause, replay and late start. Paramount+ calls this “Live Time Shifting,” and it’s available on most devices. 

While an upgrade to the Premium Tier at $9.99 will not change your soccer broadcasts in any way, it will allow you to streaming programs, and access to live National League Women’s Soccer, so that’s something to consider. 

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