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Netflix will not be bringing a new series of ‘Zelda’ to its platform.

Fan of Nintendo’s highly-popular fantasy game. Legend of ZeldaYou will not be satisfied.

A number of “tainted” promotional posters have recently revealed the casting of an action-packed live-action film. Zelda Netflix may have developed series. These fake, AI-generated posters are available on Twitter. created by user Dan Leveille It gained rapid traction. Leveille tweeted images of an imagined cast, including Tom Holland as Link and Emma Watson playing Zelda. IdrisElba played Ganon. Maisie Williams was Saria. Meryl Streep played Twinrova. Gemma Chan played the Great Fairy. And the list continues.

They are very realistic and feature the Netflix logo. Leveille also pointed out they weren’t legal: “JK,” Leveille wrote. He claimed that he used Midjourney to create the images with help from Dall-E (an AI system for creating realistic art), Tencent Arc and Photoshop.

These posters were not authentic, so many people took them as proof that Netflix’s series and the cast of its accompanying movies were real. Interest grew quickly as news spread rapidly. Zelda Online, the phenomenon has seen a lot of interest and reacted with a variety of responses from loyal followers.

The posters became a fantasy-based exercise for those who saw them later. I was tormenting my emotions by being manipulated. However, this would be a great idea,” one tweeter said. A second user added “Dammit I thought it was real !!”..” The fictional cast was applauded by others: “Imagine this if it were real. Emma Watson would have made Zelda look cool if she had been played by Emma Watson.

Still, it’s live-action Zelda According to reports, series are being developed. According to the Wall Street Journal, Netflix is “working closely with Nintendo” to produce the TV series in 2015. However, Netflix has declined to comment.

Maybe Twitter can help bring the series to life. It’s still a dream, but it is possible.

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