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Hollister App allows teens to send their parents online shopping carts

Hollister unveils a new app feature just in time to celebrate the holidays.

Share2Pay is a new feature that allows younger shoppers to ship their carts directly to their parents for payment. The Wall Street Journal. This initiative aims to address a major problem facing teen clothing brands: teenagers who don’t have enough money to purchase their clothes. So Abercrombie & Fitch Co. launched Share2Pay on the Hollister app, giving teen shoppers — the brand’s target demographic — the ability to text their parents a link to their carts. This is the type of text that every parent desires to receive.

Parents will be allowed to take items out of the cart and purchase them, or ignore it.

As malls across the U.S. continue to lose influence to online shopping, it’s important that these brands that once cornered the mall market — like Hollister (a name you can smell) — meet the needs of young shoppers, who often don’t have access to their own credit and debit cards.

Additionally, it’s the perfect time of year with holiday season approaching.


Evidently, Adam Sandler is a favorite of teens

Sharing2Pay wasn’t the only tool that was created to make online shopping easier for teens. Amazon Teens was launched in 2017 by Amazon. Teens can have their own logins that are monitored and controlled by parents. Amazon Teens allows parents to review the purchases of their teenagers before they ship. They can approve or deny them. Apple Families has a similar feature called “Ask To Buy”, where all purchases must be approved by parents.

The Share2Pay feature is only currently available on the Hollister App in the U.S.A and UK. Di

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