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Google’s Pixel Watch Is Super Wearable but Light on Features

I’m late. I’m late. For a very important date. This is the mantra of Google Pixel Watch. Over the last seven years Apple has worked hard to make its smartwatches more efficient. Google, however, is late. Modesty is late.

Normal for first-gen watches to feel a bit rough around the edges. More disappointing is the fact that the Pixel Watch, after many years of development, doesn’t really make an impact on smartwatches. It seems more like a skit, like a pebble in water. While the experience meets all expectations, it still has enough visuals and design to impress.

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It is the best smartwatch I have ever worn. I’m currently using the Pixel Watch to control my Apple Watch from my left wrist. Please feel The Series 8 pressurizing on my skin. Pixel Watch is more comfortable around my big wrist than the Series 8. It blends in seamlessly, so it’s easy to forget its there. There’s only one size—41 mm—and my 5’1″ partner also found it comfortable on her smaller wrists (Google includes a larger strap size in the box if you need it). 

The Wi-Fi only or cellular model options are available ($349), and $399 for the one with cellular connectivity. Contrary to other Wear OS smartwatches the Pixel Watch cannot be used with iPhones. The only one that can use it is the Pixel Watch. Android Only phones

Google’s watch, to my mind, is the most beautiful full-featured smartwatch that I have ever seen. My opinion is that a circular watch is more useful than a square. From the way my finger slides on the domed glass to the way the materials catch the light—the Pixel Watch is lovely to look at, no less aided by the several attractive (and customizable) watch faces Google has whipped up. 

There are some flaws to the design, however. It can be difficult to push the top button, which is located above the rotating crown, because it rests on half the case. To get your finger into the button, you will need to dig a bit. You’ll need to dig a little deeper when scrolling through emails or lengthy messages on the AMOLED screen. It is bright and colorful, but it can be a bit cramped. Google might have made the watch smaller, but that would have been a good thing.

Although there is no IP rating to protect against water and dust, the Pixel Watch has a 5 ATM rating, which means that it can survive 50 meters of depths, much like the Apple Watch. However, I would not recommend getting the watch wet. It’s made from stainless steel and is much more resistant than aluminum, however, the protection glass is what’s most concerning. However, the dome glass is not what you would expect. durable. The only thing I worry about is that it might be scratched by a knock on the wall. Google created this protective glass out of Gorilla Glass 5. It is stronger than sapphire, but less scratch resistant. While I have not yet seen any scrapes on the glass protector, it’s possible they might soon.  

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