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22 Great Deals From Walmart’s Rival Prime Day Sale

Walmart is a surprise Rollbacks & More sale event that seeks to dethrone Amazon from its own Prime Day sales event. We’ve got some of the best deals on home, home theater, and audio equipment—even ones you won’t find on Amazon. Check ‘em out below, and shop Best Buy’s Flash Sale if you’re looking for more Amazon alternative deals.

WIRED Gear’s team reviews products all year. To make our picks, we manually sorted through hundreds and thousands of offers. Products that are cross-out have been removed from stock Discounts are no longer available. Avoid bad deals with our Prime Day Shopping Tips page. Also, you can get a WIRED 1 Year Subscription $5.

Last updated October 12, 2022. We have added the Apple TV 4K and Vornado EV200 humidifiers, Instant Pot 9 in-1 Crisp, iRobot Roomba 694 and NutriBullet pro to our product line.

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Take Advantage of These Home Deals

Nest Hub

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The Max has a bigger screen and an integrated camera. However, the basic Nest Hub provides all you need for a smart home hub. I’ve been using one daily for two years now, and it integrates easily with a Philips Hue, Wyze indoor security cameras, SimpliSafe home alarm, Google Calendar, Spotify, and more. It can even pick up my voice in a different room.

As the autumn and winter cool in, the indoor humidity levels drop to the same level as those found outdoors. This can lead to cracked furniture and dry skin. Additionally, the humidifier can be extremely uncomfortable. The Vornado humidifier is a one-tank model. I have enjoyed its ability to distribute the humidity throughout my room for the past two years. The humidifier is easy to adjust the humidity levels and you don’t need water more than once per day.

It’s an Instant Pot that has some extra bells. The Crisp model can also be used as a rice cooker, pressure cooker, steamer and broiler. You can fry whatever you like in the 8-quart container.

iRobot Roomba 644.

Photo by iRobot

If you want to have a robotic assistant vacuum your floors, but aren’t willing to fork out $500 to get it. We get you. Roomba 694 offers the same accuracy and performance that iRobot is well-known for, without all the unnecessary bells and whistles. We recommend this as the best robot vacuum for its affordability in our Best Robot Vacuums list. Although it is occasionally sold on sale, the majority of the time, the price remains the same. 

You can make soda or sparkling beverages right at your home using a SodaStream. Just buy the flavor packs you like, load up a CO₂ canister, and it’ll carbonate your water and mix your drink without forcing you to keep making soda runs to the grocery store. It’s possible to make carbonated water without the addition of sugary ingredients.

Smoothies are delicious! These are also about 8 dollars each bucks In a shop you are literally sipping an immense markup. You can make your NutriBullet powerful and powerful with its 900-Watt power. The stainless steel blades on the Pro model are more powerful, and it can combine up to 32 fluid ounces each of nuts, fruits, and vegetables at once.

Since years, we have recommended this model as the best for small rooms. After three years of use daily, my model still functions as efficiently as new. The device can be used in rooms measuring 361 sq. feet. It has an auto mode which will adjust the power level to match the ambient air quality. On its lowest setting, it’s almost inaudible. This is the perfect choice for those who sleep lightly in their bedrooms.

Television Deals

TCL 5 Series

Amazon. Photograph

Usually with TVs of this size, it’s “go big and go home with an empty checking account,” but you can give yourself the home theater you’ve always deserved by upgrading to this 4K-resolution, big-screen smart TV. It comes with Google TV included, so you don’t Not required You can stream television from your computer using a separate device. It can also play Dolby Vision or HDR and has Google Assistant built in so that you can speak to it and put the remote down.

For Apple purists who enjoy being able to control their viewing through “Hey Siri” voice commands, the Apple TV 4K (8/10, WIRED Recommends) is the streaming box to get. This model is 2021’s second-generation and features a new voice remote. 

TCL produces some of our favourite televisions. When someone asks about the best 4K TV for their budget, they often point to this QLED 55-inch TCL. This TV comes standard with Roku, the most popular streaming media service. For the money, image quality is outstanding, and you won’t find anything better unless you spend three times as much.

Roku 4K Streaming Stick

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We love this streaming device. It’s You can control it using voice, or if you’re not interested, you will get a TV interface which allows you to connect to almost all major streaming sites. This plugs directly into the HDMI port of your TV. Read more on our guide to the Best Streaming Devices.

I’ve used Sanus mounts for years, and this one has been a favorite because it’s easy to tilt upward or downward and side to side, or to extend, yet it also feels solid. After all, you don’t want your precious TV depending on a piece of flimsy metal to keep it from crashing down. You can extend the FLT1 up to 5 inches from the wall or push it nearly flat against it to save room, and you can tilt it to get a better viewing angle from wherever you’re sitting. It’ll work with nearly all TVs that weigh 80 pounds or less and have screens measuring 32-70 inches.

Bring everyone along. If you’ve been puttering around with only the one stock Joy-Con controller that came with your Nintendo Switch, pick up another official Nintendo Joy-Con so you have a friend to beat in Super Mario Kart And Super Smash Bros. You can also use the two halves as separate controllers for certain games. For $64, you could enjoy four-player gaming. free-for-alls.

Get Mobile, Computer and Watch Deals

Apple Watch Series 8

Apple Photograph

Apple Watches have become a popular choice at the WIRED office. Series 8 (Wired Recommends 8/10) includes automatic crash detection to send emergency personnel to you if there’s no response. You can also track fertility and your periods with the skin temperature sensor.

Although the A-series is not available in English, Galaxy The A8 is the most economical option for tablets. However, it offers impressive non-economic features such as a metal box and Dolby Atmos speaker. With a 10.5-inch screen, this model boasts 128GB more storage.

An upgrade can be made to an even larger and more powerful version Android Tablet for slightly more. Tab S7 Plus comes with an AMOLED display for better viewing (brighter colours, darker blacks), a 120Hz refresh rate screen that will feel silky smooth and the quad-speaker sound system. If you use a keyboard with it, it can still be useful for some working. SamsungThe DeX mode is available.   

Canon Pixma TR4722

Photograph: Walmart

Face it—nobody seems to have a printer, but they’re always asking friends if they have one because they need to print something. It can scan and copy over WiFi as well as faxes. The printer uses Canon Inkjet Inkjet ink which is widely available on Amazon.

Enjoy the old days of film photography by using this Fujifilm point-and-shoot, instant-film camera. The camera comes with 10 packs of Instax film. Even in a world of digital cameras that can rattle off thousands of photographs without hesitation and smartphones that outshine the past decade’s high-end SLRs, there’s something timeless and spontaneous about a camera that spits out a physical photograph on demand.

Audio Deals

Apple AirPods Pro

Apple Photograph

This pair of Apple AirPods Pro, 8/10 WIRED Recommended, are still an excellent pair of headphones thanks to the impressive sound quality, active noise cancellation and IPX4 resistance. They’ll last for 4.5 hours on a charge, which is low, and the included charging case offers another 24 hours. The charger pairs quickly with Apple products.

Regardless of the laptop speakers a manufacturer brags about, they’re going to sound tinny and small. Although these wireless Bluetooth speakers and 6.5-inch, 100-W subwoofer are hardly audiophile-grade equipment, they’ll provide a significant sound quality upgrade for listening to music, watching movies, and playing video games.

Although our reviewer wasn’t convinced when he tested this speaker, he was impressed by its ability to play music no matter what room it is placed in. The three downward-firing drivers allow music to be spread out outdoors, so you can enjoy a complete listening experience.

SteelSeries Arctis Prime

SteelSeries Photography

We gave the Arctis Prime Wired Headset a high rating (8/10 from WIRED Recommends). It’s one of our favorites, due to its comfortable ear cups, sleek look, and quality sound. This microphone is indispensable for gaming and it’s crystal clear.

We called the Polk Signa S4 the best soundbar/subwoofer combo in our guide to the Best Soundbars for Every Budget because it offers top-level Dolby Atmos sound for not a lot of money, and now it’s even cheaper.  It also received a 7/10 rating for the room-filling, bass-driven sound.

Retailer Sale Pages

Photograph by Qi Yang/Getty Images

Other stores have started offering competing deals that don’t require an Amazon Prime membership (and more will likely join in). Here’s a list of merchants that may be getting in on the action.

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