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These are the 17 best Amazon Prime Day Deals

Returned in 2015 Amazon’s first Prime Day Shopping Event made headlines. “You can’t just make up a shopping holiday!” folks cried, and yet the sale took off, statistically outperforming Black Friday and Cyber Monday in some years. The sale sparked competition and millions of Amazon Prime Memberships.  And it’s happening again—kind of. Amazon already has Another Prime Day is this year’s Prime Early Access Event. It runs from October 11, (beginning at 12 AM PT/3 PM ET), through October 12.

Similar to Prime Day, many of the discounts will be available exclusively to Amazon Prime Members (here’s a free 30 day trial. Set a reminder for it to be cancelled before it renews automatically. The price drops are already underway, however, as is the case every time. We’ve rounded up the best early Prime Day deals we’ve found right here—on Amazon and other retailers—and we’ll keep this story updated ahead of the main event. Just remember: Black Friday is around the corner—don’t feel pressured to buy something just because it’s on sale. The Prime Day Shopping Guide has many tips that will help you get around the event. We’ve collected our top picks for Walmart’s Rollback Deals Event.

Last updated October 10, 2018: The Apple Watch Series 8 has been added, along with the Thermapen One and Keurig K-Mini. We also removed any expired offers.

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Amazon Device Deals

Deals on Amazon devices are a dime a dozen, but since Amazon recently unveiled several new gadgets, we’re seeing discounts on older models. We’ve highlighted the best deals below, but you can check out all of the Amazon device discounts here.


Amazon Fire HD 10

Amazon. Photograph

This is a match of a low price we’ve only seen a couple of times. Our favorite Amazon tablet is the Fire HD 10. (7/10, Wired Recommends). It’s best for light browsing, watching videos, or playing games, but it’s powerful enough to do some very light work tasks, especially if you pair it with a Bluetooth keyboard. Although there is no Google Play Store available, you can add it to your device and get access to more apps. A good tablet for such a cheap price is hard to come by. For more information, see our Best Tablet and Best Fire Tablet guide.

Echo Dot (Fourth Generation) Without The clock had been on sale at $25 this week but has now ended. This model is basically exactly the same as the fourth-generation Echo Dot (8/10, WIRED Recommends) —it just has a display that shows what time it is so you don’t have to ask Alexa. Amazon has announced a new fifth-generation Alexa speaker. This model is our preferred Alexa device for a while. The fourth generation model is still an excellent device. It’s small enough to fit in any room, and the sound quality is decent despite its size. It can be used to set timers and alarms, monitor the weather and listen to music. Skyrim Only your voice.

Amazon has recently updated the Fire HD 8 tablet. You can preorder it now. But, if your budget is tight, you might still be able to get the Fire HD 8 from Amazon. This tablet is almost as powerful as its larger brother due to its small size and reasonably fast processor. It’s portable enough to take with you anywhere, and its screen won’t torture your eyes when you watch Netflix. Our guide for installing Google Play Store will make the device even more versatile than it was out of the box.


Amazon Echo Glow

Amazon. Photograph

This is the best price we’ve tracked for the Echo Glow. It’s a bad sunrise alarm, but it’s a decent nightlight. It’s meant for kids, though it may also work well in a guest room, especially given that Alexa speakers can double as sound machines. The Alexa app or Echo can be used to control the lamp.

The Amazon Echo Show 8 is our favorite Alexa-powered smart display, and this price brings it down to $5 cheaper than we saw during this past Prime Day—a historic low. The 8-inch display size is nearly universally useful, whether you’re following a recipe or checking the weather. There’s a built-in camera with automatic zoom and pan capabilities for video calling or conferencing. More information is available in our Guide to Smart Displays.

Tech Deals


Google Pixel 6A

Google Photographer

Our favorite Google Pixel 6A is the 8/10 (WIRED Recommends). Android It was also our Top Pick for the Cheapest Phone. This deal is a match of the best discount we’ve seen. Even when it’s not on sale, the Pixel 6A offers incredible value, with great performance, excellent cameras, impressive battery life, and a nice display. If you’re in the market for a new smartphone, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better deal than this.

It’s expensive. However, it does fold! You will be glad you did! Android The improved multitasking makes it easier to use 12L on larger screens. The battery life is good, and you get a bright, smooth screen–no crease on the fold. We have yet to see a cheaper price for such a new phone.

Smaller is better Samsung‘s folding phones, the Z Flip4 feels like a “normal” phone when it’s unfolded, but fold it up and it’ll slip into some seriously small pockets. You can almost feel like you are using a StarTak with real screens. It will last you for the day but won’t keep you going much further. If you have been looking for a foldable phone, we think this is the best deal that we have ever seen.


Apple iPad Mini 2021

Photo by Apple

Apple’s 2021 iPad Mini (Wired Recommends, 8/10) is a slimmer iPad Pro that has a 8.3-inch display and thinner bezels. Because of its small size, it is great for travelling. It might fit in your cargo pant pocket.

Our favorite Apple Watch is the Apple Watch Series 8 (8/10 WIRED Recommends), which has already gone on sale. The 41mm model is available for $349. While most users will find the second-generation Watch SE to be adequate, it also features an electrocardiogram and an always on display. It also has a skin sensor that allows for more precise period tracking. For more recommendations, see our Top Apple Watch Accessories.

The Razor Ultimate is our companion mouse. This corded, smaller version of the Razor mouse can be used as a small, lightweight accessory. Don’t let the “mini” in the name fool you—this is a standard-size mouse and the accuracy is very good. This mouse is a good choice if you don’t have the budget for one of these models.


TCL 6 Series TV.

TCL Photograph

TCL 6 Series (9/10 WIRED Recommends), is the TV that most people will want. It was $10 cheaper earlier in the week, but this is still one of the best deals we’ve seen for the 55-inch size. With the quantum dots panel, viewers can expect bright colors, dark blacks and great contrast. Roku is also built into this TV for seamless streaming. If you don’t need the latest and greatest, the TCL 5-Series is nearly as good as the 6-Series—we recommend it for entry-level TV shoppers—and every size is on sale. You can read more in our Best TVs Guide.

We have never shared such a great deal with so many people. This price beats all previous offers by at least $50. This soundbar is a must-have for everyone. This soundbar has great audio quality, especially considering the cost. The subwoofer also adds bass and depth to the experience. You can also enjoy Bluetooth streaming audio and Amazon Alexa built-in. Learn more about them in our guide to soundbars.

Take Advantage of These Home Deals


ThermoWorks Thermapen

Photo by Thermoworks

Shipping adds $5, but even with those costs factored in, this is a match of one of the better deals we’ve seen. We love thermopens and they are very popular. The model we feature in the Best Gifts for Home Chefs guide is this one. A slightly more costly thermometer is available in our Best Grills & Best Grilling Accessories guides. The Thermapen One provides a quick temperature reading and has a backlight that allows you to accurately measure temperature in darkened areas. The device can be stored flat and folded down for storage.

This deal was last seen in December. Now is a good time to get in on it if you missed it then and you’re in the market, though chances are it’ll go on sale again for this price at some point in the future. This expensive espresso machine is luxurious and has both a burr grinder as well as a hot water spray. To make your own drinks, simply fill it with beans. The steam wand can be used to create cappuccinos or lattes. Additional picks are available in the Best Espresso Machines and Best Latte Machines Guides. Some of these machines can be more economical than others.

These go on sale very frequently during the holidays, but this is a solid price if you’re in the market and you don’t want to wait. This brewer is also available for me at my desk. It’s great for folks that live alone or don’t have a lot of counter space. You can choose from several colors. A refillable pod makes pod brewers more economical.

Working out at home is easier with free weights. AmazonBasics has a wide range of dumbbells in varying weights, which are available for very low prices. Although we haven’t tried these, they are well-reviewed by customers. Some customers have complained about the bad smell of rubber upon arrival. However, a little ventilation can help to eliminate that problem. These are sold separately so you will need to add 2 to your cart to purchase a pair.

Competing Retailer Sales Pages

Amazon Prime Membership is not necessary to access these competing offers, although other retailers have begun offering them. Below is a list of possible merchants who may want to get in on this action.

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