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Rollercoasters can trigger crash detection on Apple’s iPhone 14

Apple’s iPhone 14’s Crash Detection feature, which is also available in the Apple Watch and iPhone 14’s iPhone 14 range of phones, can be activated in a car accident to help the user contact emergency services in the event they are incapacitated. Apple said that it would work only if you are actually driving the car and that it won’t be activated if your phone is dropped, dropped, or otherwise damaged.

Crash detection can be falsely triggered by going on a rollercoaster with your smartphone.

A report from the Wall Street JournalThis has occurred at many amusement parks throughout the USA, such as Kings Island in Cincinnati and Six Flags New Jersey. A few times, riders couldn’t do anything until it was over because their phones were calling emergency services.

This feature may be triggered by extreme speeds and slowdowns during rollercoaster rides, which trick the phone’s sensors to believe that a crash occurred. A spokesperson for Apple told The Journal It was validated with “over one million hours” of crash data and the algorithm is “extremely precise in detecting severe accidents.” Apple intends to continue improving Crash Detection.

While crash detection may not work perfectly, the technology has proven itself to be reliable in both real-life and testing. One week ago, the iPhone detected the collision of a fatal car near Lincoln and alerted authorities.

However, false positives can be a problem as they can take valuable time from 911 operators and responders.


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A software update could fix this specific problem, like Crash Detection being activated in amusement parks. (We have asked Apple to investigate and we will add this story as soon as they respond.

You can prevent it from happening by doing a few simple things. The first is not to take your smartphone on a rollercoaster. Many amusement parks prohibit this or discourage it. Kings Island is also where many false positive emergency calls are placed. To avoid emergency calls, you can switch your phone to airplane mode prior to the ride.

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