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Kidde and The Home Depot can protect your home against fires

According to the National Fire Protection Agency(NFPA), winter is when home fires occur more than any other season. The Home Depot has fire safety events planned for the colder months. The event coincides also with Fire Prevention Week’s 100th anniversary, October 9-15. 

Cooking, heating, wiring problems, as well as candles and smoking, are the most frequent causes of home fires. Another concern is how devastating fires in homes can be. 

Safety products and education are powerful tools to keep you and your family safe. From now until November 22, 2022, each Kidde alarm sold at The Home Depot receives a $1 donation towards community alarm donations. The Home Depot has many Kidde products to get you started on fire safety. 

Credit to Home Depot

Smoke alarms should be installed on all levels of your house

3 Kidde Smoke Alarms in a bundle

Credit: The Home Depot

The NFPA advises that you place smoke alarms outside of all bedrooms and in every room, even the basement. Easy-to-install Kidde Smoke Alarm(opens in new tab comes with a sealed, lithium battery which has a 10-year lifespan (after that, it’s time to replace the entire unit, not just the battery). Kidde is a way to do more with just one purchase.(Opens in a new window) Combination of Smoke Alarms(Opens in a new window) As a 3-pack from The Home Depot

Red Kidde Fire Extinguisher with a hose

Credit: The Home Depot

Make sure you have a fire extinguisher in your home

Red Kidde Fire Extinguisher

Credit to The Home Depot

Your top priority when putting out a fire is to get everyone safely. However, in the case of a small, contained fire, such as a trashcan (yes, like an actual garbage fire), an extinguisher can stop a fire from spreading — if you know how to You must use it correctly. This is an 8.25-pound Kidde Fire Extinguisher for one.(opens in new tab Additional 3.9-pounds Kidde Basic Fire Extinguisher(Opens in a new window) Both are ABC-rated for liquids and common combustibles.

Kidde Smoke Alarm and Carbon monoxide alarm

Credit: The Home Depot

Reliable products that do double duty

Two Kidde Smoke alarm and carbon monoxide alrms

Credit: The Home Depot

Another potential danger is carbon monoxide leakage (CO). To cover both fire and CO detection, you can purchase the Kidde Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm(opens in new tab A two-pack Kidde(opens in new tab Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm(opens in new tab. The alarm comes ready to go and activates automatically when it’s attached to the mounting bracket. If there’s cause for concern, it will sound an alarm and provide voice alerts, even during a power outage. 

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